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Giving up on Work e-mail Podcast with Matt Moore et al

If a couple of days ago I created a blog post over here where I shared some further details on a recent podcasting episode I recorded with Jon Mell, from Trovus, over at Case Study Using Wiki and Social Software in the Enterprise – Conversation with Jon Mell, I thought I would follow that up with another podcast I was invited to chime in earlier on in the week with Matt Moore, from Engineers without Fears, where I shared some extended commentary on my experiment of giving up on e-mail, i.e. work related e-mail. And the interesting thing from this particular podcast I participated in was the fact that we did it with a couple more guests: Patrick Lambe, from Straights Knowledge & Green Chameleon, and Alex Manchester, from Melcrum – Connecting Communicators, two of the folks I have been following up on the Knowledge Management & Social Computing spaces for quite a while and whom I was really looking forward to exchanging some ideas on the topic!

Thus with that initial setup, off we went into what turned out to be, in my opinion and if I may say so, a fascinating discussion on the overall topic of stop using e-mail at work and use, perhaps, other much more productive and collaborative tools, within the social software space. So interesting that in the end what was supposed to be a single podcasting episode turned out to be three (Yes, three!) for a total amount of nearly 50 minutes!

Matt Moore himself has already blogged about each of the different episodes, so instead of just me detailing what you will find in each of them I am just going to keep things short and share over here the table of contents that Matt already put together. That way you can get busy right where the meat is and enjoy one of the best conversations I have had on this topic in a little while now. Here are the links with the contents then:

Download Part 1 now (16:48, 4.0Mb)

01:00 – Luis describes his email detox moment in 2007.
03:10 – Luis challenges his email correspondents within IBM.
06:10 – How do you bring people round to the post-email world?
11:00 – Where is email appropriate?
13:00 – Instant messaging & social networking.

Download Part 2 now (20:23, 4.8 Mb)

00:00 – Patrick raises the infrastructure question.
03:00 – Luis brings up wikis.
04:10 – Luis talks about discussing the detox with his team.
07:55 – The laziness issue.
09:00 – Do we love email?
10:00 – Alex mentions email overload.
11:00 – Generational issues.
13:00 – Patrick raises the politics question.
15:00 – Luis busts the whole thing wide open.

Download the final part of the email detox podcast

00:00 – Alex agrees with Luis on email politics.
01:20 – Humans as political animals – in public or in private?
03:00 – Should we be selling tools or solutions?
06:00 – Applying social software to business problems.
08:00 – The email detox workout video.
10: 00 – Wrap up & next steps.

And that’s it! Hope you enjoy it, just as much as we did getting together and exchanging some ideas on how it is really possible to move away from work related e-mail and still be as productive as ever, if not more, making extensive use of other more collaborative tools, like social software tools. The perfect segway for my next blog post where I will be sharing the weekly progress report on what’s happened this week. Stay tuned! 😉

Matt, Patrick and Alex, a real pleasure taking part on the podcasting episodes with you guys and thanks much for such refreshing conversation! Excellent stuff!

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