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Brother Is Doing Fine and I’m Off to Zurich Tomorrow – I Hope

Here we go with another quick blog post… For those folks who have been asking over the last few hours about how my younger brother was doing, I have got some really good news! The operation, although rather long!, over 7 hours!!, was a total success and earlier on today I have been able to talk to him over the phone from his hospital room!!! Very much relieved, thank you very much!!

We will have to wait for another 24 hours and see how he would react further, but so far the pain he was having from the Trigeminal Neuralgia is now gone! He was even thinking about watching his favourite football team play tonight for the semis of the Champion’s League! That is the spirit, indeed!! 😀

Like I said, very much relieved, but, unfortunately, so much so that I have been caught with my guard off and over the last few hours I have developed a massive cold and a HUGE sore throat that has drained all of my energy that I may have got left. It hurts quite a bit, and just a few minutes ago, I had 39C of fever. Not looking good, eh?

Yes, that is right. In other circumstances it would have been something that I would have taken care of by having a long rest and try to recover as soon as possible. Slowly, but steadily. Yet, this time around is not going to happen, because tomorrow (Those folks who may have checked my Dopplr ID may already know about this) I am on my way to Zürich to attend an important customer workshop on Friday for which a bunch of us have been working really hard for some time and around the subject of social networking.

Thus there you have it, with that sense I should be having a long long rest for the next couple of days, I am currently busy finishing the packing of my suitcase, then have a lovely chicken soup, some antibiotics and straight off to bed, hoping that tomorrow I will feel completely new! (Fingers crossed!)

I would have loved to meet up folks while I am there, for sure, but unless I recover to a pretty good state, I would suggest you stay out of the way and perhaps meet up some time again in June, when I have got another trip planned for Zürich. We shall see.

So this is just another short blog post where you can see that those highlights on the Web 2.0 and Beyond Summit from IBM, it will still have to wait for a few days, till I get back and feel better. Also there is a whole bunch of stuff I would want to share, but right now the only thing my body wants to do is hit the bed, sweat it all out, and be completely new tomorrow!

Let’s hope so… Regular blogging activities would resume shortly as well … Have a good one!

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