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Light Blogging Ahead for the Next Day or So…

I am sure that there are plenty of folks out there wanting me to let you all know about some of the main highlights from the IBM Web 2.0 and Beyond Summit I attended last week, plus some other really exciting stuff that is going on right as we speak and coming from various fronts, but you would have to forgive me for not doing so right away and having to wait for the odd day or two.

Just as I was getting back home yesterday from the US, I got a call from my mum telling me that my younger brother finally got everything arranged and in place, after having waited for a couple of months, to go through an operation to help fight some Trigeminal Neuralgia he has been suffering from for the last few months. Those of you who are familiar with such illness would know it is one of the most painful ones known to mankind, so we were happy that finally came through.

And just this morning he went through what was supposed to be a three hour operation, which in the end extended itself for a total number of seven hours!! He is now resting in intensive care for the next few hours and the next 24 hours will be crucial. Doctors (And my entire family) are very confident about the outcome of the operation, but we need to wait…

So I am hoping you would understand how my blogging from here onwards, and till things get better for him, will be very light, if not non-existent. I care passionately about all of this work I am doing in the social computing space, but I am sure you all know where I put all of my money any and every time: my family!

It’s the only one I got, thus that is where all my attention is going right now wishing my younger brother a speedy recovery knowing he is a tough guy and will get through this one in no time!

Hang in there, bro! We all love ya! 🙂

(And from here a special thanks! to all of those folks on Twitter who have been sending along their get well soon wishes for him. Know that he really appreciates them, and so do I! I said it once and I will say it again: you are all a special bunch and I am very proud of hanging out with you lot!)

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