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Explaining Knowledge Management – Corporate Blogging

For someone like myself who has been a corporate blogger for nearly five years, and still going strong, at one of the major enterprises out there in the IT world, with several thousand blog posts, there are times where video clips like this one, shared by Patrick Lambe (Whose superb Green Chameleon I can certainly recommend it’s worth while subscribing, like I have mentioned not long ago) on Explaining KM #4 Corporate Blogging, would make you smile big time. Over and over again! No doubt!

Continuing with that fashion of writing shorter blog posts, and without much further ado, here we have got Dr. David Vaine at it again, spending a bit over 6 minutes, telling us all there is to know about the fascinating world of corporate flogging, errr, I mean, blogging, behind the firewall, with policies, processes and everything. Worth while the 6 minutes, for sure!


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  1. this is great. I’ve taken notes to make sure we can replicate the corporate flogging policy top to bottom!

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