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Leading with Insight by Matthew Milan, Critical Mass

I certainly realise about yesterday’s lengthy blog post on last week’s progress report on my fighting work related e-mail, and since I am trying to cut them short, much shorter, actually, I really am trying, believe me, but it is proving to be quite a challenge (As you may have seen already!),  I thought I would venture today into sharing with you folks one quick, brief entry on a link that a good friend of mine, and fellow IBMer, shared with me earlier on today through e-mail (Ha! I know, too funny, too! 🙂 heh).

Yes, I am just smiling about it, as I am writing this, because after I watched it, I am now even more convinced than ever before that I am on the right track, even though today hasn’t been a good day so far. But more on that this coming Friday. For now, I would like to invite you to check out the superb presentation that Matthew Milan put together in Slideshare, under the enticing title "Leading with Insight":

where you would be able to find gems like this one that pretty much describes what I am trying to achieve with all of this giving up on work related e-mail:

"To be insightful, you must embrace the following …

1. You must ask thoughtful questions
2. You need to look beyond the obvious
3. You shouldn’t be afraid to reframe the problem
4. You must learn to trust your gut

Because after all "Insight is a state of mind … and a way of doing business"

Just spot on! 🙂

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