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Technical and Strategic Insight on the Present and Future of the ibm.com Website

If a few days ago I was actually creating a blog post over here recommending folks to subscribe to the fine blog from Gia Lyons to get to find out some more about Lotus Connections and social computing for the enterprise (Amongst many other things!), here I am at it again, about to recommend a superb blog that has just made it outside of the IBM firewall and which I am sure would grab people’s attention, specially those folks interested in finding out some more about what IBM is doing with regards to social media experience on the ibm.com Web sites.

Remember the other blog post I put together as well not long ago on SMT’s IBM Case Study – From Employees to Members: IBM Connects With Social Media? Well, this particular blog I am going to be sharing over here next would go pretty much along the lines of some of the stuff you will see on that very same case study on how IBM is embracing social computing on the external ibm.com sites.

Yes, that is right! Check out Technical and Strategic Insight on the Present and Future of the ibm.com Website to get a glimpse of what I am talking about here. I am sure that the first thing you are going to say is "What a long long name for a blog! Goodness!" and you would be right. It is also a bit too long for my taste, but if you go beyond that and if you check out some of the already existing blog posts, you would agree with me that this is one of those blogs that you will be subscribed to, if you are into social media and what large enterprises like IBM are doing. Here is an excerpt of what the blog is about:

"Insights from the ibm.com team; a diverse group of people with a unique depth and breadth of experience in developing and managing a complex large enterprise site. The team will address many of the technical and managerial challenges associated with running such a large and complex website; focusing on the innovative solutions the team has or will be deploying. Topics covered will be diverse, ranging from asynchronous java and security to innovation in Agile and website accessibility."

With that introduction I bet a bunch of folks out there would be interested in syndicating its content. The good thing is that I know a couple of folks behind the actual blog and I can certainly share with you the kind of outstanding quality you are going to find there! Right now you will be able to find the names and positions held within IBM from each of the bloggers and a way to interact with them if you would want to add comments to their own blog posts.

Thus without much further ado, here is the first of many blog posts that I am sure you would find pretty interesting and engaging, to say the least: Test environments on the enterprise web. Drop by, say "Hi!" and get some dialogue going! It surely promises to be an interesting one! And me? What can I say? … Already subscribed!

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