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SMT’s IBM Case Study – From Employees to Members: IBM Connects With Social Media

A couple of months back I was contacted by Robin Carey, Co-Founder, CEO, of the Social Media Today collective (Of which I have also been a member for a good number of months now), to start working on putting together, along with a couple of other folks (Jack Mason and George Faulkner, amongst others), a case study on how IBM has been adopting social media / computing over the last couple of years, both inside and outside of the corporation, in order to help its employees share their knowledge and collaborate, both internally and externally, much more effectively.

And after a few e-mails, Skype conversations, follow ups discussions and a whole bunch of other types of interactions "From Employees to Members: IBM Connects With Social Media" was born. First thing that you would notice is that it is not just complete. It is still a work in progress but having the work now hosted on a wiki environment for everyone to contribute and add further up into completing the case study. Robin ventured earlier on into putting together a lovely weblog post, "SMT’s IBM Case Study, Wiki-Style, Please Pile On", where you can read how you can contribute to the overall effort. Basically, you can go into the blog post itself and share your thoughts in there. They will then be consolidated and added into the final document that will be distributed at a later time.

Or, alternatively, you can also go into the wiki page itself, start reading further and if you think you can contribute into the overall case study by all means, go ahead, edit the wiki, place the content and then save it! The purpose of the overall wiki space for this case study is to keep updating it and improving what’s already available, so that it can then be saved as a .PDF file and ready to distribute it further for everyone to have a look at what’s happening inside, and outside of, IBM as far as its adoption of social computing is concerned.

Over the next couple of days I am going to be rather busy preparing for my upcoming trip to Madrid to attend and present at IBM’s Lotus Enterprise 2.0 workshop event, but I am surely looking forward to keep improving it and updating it over the next few days and as time would allow it add some further details on it as there is plenty of stuff to share about the broader adoption of social networking and I surely look forward to spending some more time on it! How about you? Do you feel you can have a go and contribute some more into it from what the different resources on the topic that you may have been exposed to already?

Come and join us then! Let’s get busy!!

(Oh, and remember, if you have got some issues with updating the wiki page itself, you can also go and share your thoughts over at SMT’s IBM Case Study, Wiki-Style, Please Pile On. Post a comment or two in there and it will then be incorporated into the overall case study documentation at a later time!)

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