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Connected – By Gia Lyons

Earlier on today, in our IBM internal blogging platform, Blog Central, one of the most respected, popular and knowledgeable bloggers on social computing within the enterprise made an announcement that I surely was looking forward to for a long long while! Yes, one kind of announcement that got me really excited, to the point that I thought I would share some of that excitement over here. Gia Lyons is now blogging externally!

Yes, that is right, folks! If you are into social computing and social software within the enterprise and beyond; if you would like to find out a whole lot more about IBM’s Lotus Connections; if you would like to find out some more about how IBM is actually driving the adoption of social networking within the corporate world; and if you would want to find a whole lot more from what’s in Gia‘s mind, I would strongly encourage you all to subscribe to her, now external, blog!

Here is the blog post where Gia was mentioning she was going public: Public Gia. Read further on to see what she will be talking about and how you will be able to keep in touch with her through her blog (Yes, I know, about time! 😀 heh). And to give you a sense of what she has already posted in her external blog, here you have got some very interesting blog posts to get you going:

1. Connections is like the global lunch room. Beehive? Global cocktail hour!
2. The Connected Age: Are you a bursty Web worker?
3. The nature of males

Thus there you have it, another passionate IBMer blogging outside of the corporate firewall around the subject of social computing and social software, willing to dive into the external conversation on the Internet blogosphere with all of us. So go over to her blog, say "Hi!" and add her blog to your blogroll. I can guarantee you will be able to learn a thing or two, like we have been doing ourselves with her internal blog for a long while now, and have plenty of good fun all along!

Welcome on board, Gia, to the Internet Blogosphere! See what pressure can do to ya? heh 😉

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