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IBM Lotus Enterprise 2.0 Workshop Event – Madrid, March 2008

One of the things that I have noticed over the course of the last few weeks, is how 2008 is turning out to be that kind of a year where instead of going to some major conference events I keep getting invited to much smaller ones,  where I am much more in contact with my peers at work, as well as with customers and business partners. So far I have been putting together a number of different abstracts to various places and so far only a couple, later in the year, seem to have accepted. However, it looks like every time I get turned down for an event I get invited to two of three different smaller events with a customer exposure.

Thus if yesterday I mentioned that on the first week of March I will be in Zürich presenting at Lotusphere Comes To You, just a few hours ago I got the confirmation as well that I will be participating at a workshop in Madrid, Spain, around the subject of Lotus Enterprise 2.0, taking place on March 14th for over three hours.

This surely is going to be one of those events that I will be looking forward to, since it would give me the opportunity to go through a slide deck, which I’ll be sharing over here shortly, on Social Computing @ IBM, but at the same time I will have enough time as well to be able to demo extensively some of the different IBM social software tools we use both internally and externally and show their value to enhance our various knowledge sharing and collaboration experiences.

So instead of having to rush off through a whole bunch of tools, show how they work and how IBMers are taking much benefit from making use of them, I would be able to spend a good time picking up some of the most popular ones and demonstrate what the fuss is all about and why they are having such a massive impact in our daily interactions. The event is going to take place at an IBM location, so I am sure the network connection would be good enough for me to share some insights on how it actually went.

I am now currently finalising the last few details, but there is a great chance that I will be arriving there Thursday evening, and staying over the weekend as well, so if you fancy getting together for a drink or two, or just hooking up, do let me know or contact me offline. I will also be updating my Dopplr profile, once I get a chance to book everything. Stay tuned …

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