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IBM Lotusphere 2008 – On One of My Favourite Gadget Experiences

Yesterday I didn’t get a chance to create a blog post to share with you folks some more highlights from the IBM Lotusphere event that took place last week. Apparently, my Internet connection had other plans for the day. So I am back today with a short blog post where I just wanted to share a few thoughts on what has been one of my favourite gadget experiences from the entire event. It surely wasn’t the amazing Lotus Notes on the iPhone, nor the super fine Lotus Foundations server (That fits quite nicely in an envelope!). Or a whole bunch of other ones. It was just my Nokia N95!!

I knew I made a heck of a purchase a few months back, when I acquired the Nokia N95, but up until the Lotusphere event I didn’t really have the chance to test it out properly in such a massive event as that one. And, boy, was it up to the test or what?!? And big time!! With it I have been taking lots of pictures all over the place. All in all around 300 for the entire event, of which 268 are already in my Flickr account. I have been listening to various different podcasts, both related to the event and non-related. Watched a good number of vodcasts, too! (Gotta love the quality of the image and the sound!). Surfed the Web as much as I could do with the free wireless available throughout the premises, so I could check out what people were blogging about during the event or Twitter here and there about the different places I was or just simply checking out some of the Web sites from the various announcements that went live during the course of those few days.

Of course, I used the N95 quite heavily as well to make plenty of phone calls to meet up with people. Sent a whole bunch of SMS, played a few games while waiting on the hotel lobbies to meet up folks, etc. etc. But if there would be a single reason why I am in love with the Nokia N95 is because of this:

Yes, I know, there are very few words that can describe the quality of the output from those videos for such a tiny little device like the N95, which I now carry with me everywhere I go! Because you never know when it’s going to happen again, right?!? 😉

(Stay tuned because last couple of blog posts with further highlights from Lotusphere are coming up shortly!)

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