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¡¡¡Feliz Año 2008!!!

You probably thought I would actually get busy writing another blog post where I would be summarising 2007 or sharing my views on some predictions for 2008, as we are coming closer to the end of another incredibly exciting year. Yet, I am going to save you the trouble of having to read about such things here, as I am sure there are plenty of other places out there, where you could have some exposure to some really good insights on various different topics. Instead, I am just going to take the liberty to wish all of you, who I have been in contact with through whatever the social software tool, as well as face to face, a Happy New Year and, much more importantly, a very very Prosperous & Healthy 2008!!!

Yes, that is going to be my wish for the New Year we are about to get started with. Lots of prosperity and good health, specially for the latter, because, without it, there isn’t anything we can do. Sometimes we take for granted the little things, those that keep us going day in day out. Health is one of them. We always take it for granted and yet we couldn’t survive without it. So instead of wishing all sorts of cool things to happen all over the place and to all those folks out there I’ve been in touch with, I am just going to keep things simple. Stay healthy, be healthy, and the rest will just come along nicely!

That is right! As simple as it would get. Lots of good health for the New Year and hope that everyone gets to fulfil whatever their dreams may well be. Mine is going to be to try to stay healthy, too, so that I can enjoy being in touch with those I love and care for, those who have given me another incredible year without asking for anything in return. Those who care enough to be themselves and allow me to be part of their lives. And, of course, wishing to stay healthy so that I can keep enjoying this wonderful place I live in.

Here you have got some pictures I took yesterday from one of my favourite places in Gran Canaria: Roque Bentaiga. If you have taken a look in the past to the ones I have shared already in my Flickr account, this particular series is a special one, since I got to visit the monolith and climb it as far as it is possible. Quite an incredible experience, I tell you! Here you have got some pictures and hope to share some more later on. And, yes, the place is as mystical as you could have ever imagined!! And quite humbling, too!

¡¡¡Feliz Año 2008!!!

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  1. Luis, Thanks so much for all the information that you provide the collaboration community. Since you shared your photos, I thought you might like to see some excellent photos of an extended trip I took to SE Asia a few years ago. I just got around to posting them.

    Wanted to pick your brain on community tools. I did quite a lot of research over the break on both the free google groups types as well as some of the product based ones: Mzinga, IntroNetworks

    What are your thoughts on these tools? Any good whitepapers comparing them?

  2. Luis, It seems that you are enjoying some well deserved time off. Just wanted to follow-up from my comment a week or so ago. Since posting that comment, I have found a tool called Ning. Although it will take some time to evaluate, I believe it is far superior to all the other hosted community tools that I have found.

    I will post a follow-up once I have had more experience with the tool. I had a call today with the people who run Talkshoe which for those of you who do not know is a free podcasting tool that can be used VERY effectively as a free phone bridge tool even if you are never planning to record. The guys at Talkshoe were explaining to me that they have widgets which will bring podcast content from their site onto Ning.

    All the best,

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