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IBM’s 6th iForum – Augmented Reality by Charles Woodward – VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

I must admit that one of the most impressive presentations I attended during the course of the IBM iForum event in Zürich a few days ago was that one provided by Charles Woodward from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland around the topic of Augmented Reality. Indeed, one of those experiences were you just go WOW! after WOW! after WOW! for the entire time, which is what happened to a few folks from the audience, including myself. For quite some time now I have been incredibly fascinated by the role that virtual worlds, like Second Life, are actually playing in the area of knowledge sharing and collaboration, along with learning. Well, after seeing Charles presentation I think that my fascination is going to be extended beyond the virtual worlds and into the augmented reality. Because after watching his presentation and the whole bunch of videos they have put together and made available at the VTT site I must confess that the potential is just tremendous.

I was so excited to see how the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is driving innovation in the AR space into a new level that I took the opportunity of taking a whole bunch of pictures with my Nokia N95. Now the quality may not be that outstanding as you would have expected, but I would include over here as well a good number of the pictures I took. And for the rest you would have to head over to my Flickr account, where I have put them all together.

But for now, I am just going to point you to the presentation materials which I have already uploaded into Slideshare and which you can find the direct link to them over here, so that you can just sit down, relax, and enjoy the trip down the Augmented Reality that Charles took us through over the course of one hour. Just fantastic! And, if not, judge for yourself:

You would have to agree with me that it surely is quite an interesting slide deck. Well, don’t forget to check out the section with the different videos so that you can see and get exposed to some of the stuff that these folks have been doing all along in the name of innovation. Some excellent stuff!!

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