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IBM’s 6th iForum – Enterprise 3.D: Living and Working in Virtual Worlds by Roo Reynolds – Metaverse Evangelist

Carrying on further with some more reviews from some of the most interesting presentations at the recent IBM iForum event in Zürich that I attended a few days back, it is now time to move into the next one. This time around with Roo Reynolds. Again. But not to worry, it is not a repeat session from the one I blogged about earlier on over at IBM’s 6th iForum – 2010 CIO Outlook by Roo Reynolds – Metaverse Evangelist where Roo was actually covering for another IBM fellow colleague. Instead, in this particular presentation you get to see Roo at his best, talking about what he does on a daily basis as part of his super cool job title of Metaverse Evangelist. And he has made the job, once again, so easy, that we have got available both the slide deck and the audio.

Yes, that is right. The presentation materials are already available in Slideshare (Link here. Will embed the slides towards the end of the blog post for those folks interested in watching it through), along with the audio, and I can only say that you are off to about 30 minutes of pure delight finding out a whole lot more about how Enterprise 2.0 is shaping up some of the various different activities that large corporations, including IBM, are getting involved with in order to help improve and boost how knowledge workers get to share their knowledge and collaborate with others in order to help drive innovation further into the next level.

While going through the slides, and trying to keep this blog post short, pay special attention to the first few slides which are actually screen shots taking from various virtual worlds, not just Second Life, where you would be able to listen to Roo’s speech detailing what his experiences have been like thus far. Then from there onwards another really interesting slide is #15 that shows the different relationships amongst knowledge workers using traditional tools like IM and e-mail vs. social networking and social networks. Interesting graphic if you are into drawing the various different relationships coming back and forth.

From there onwards, the following set of slides are actually screen shots from various social software tools (Including some IBM specific ones) that all knowledge workers are exposed to both inside and outside of the firewall. Examples like Blog Central (The blogging component from Lotus Connections), Fringe (Which I am sure you would find rather interesting, if you are into expertise location tools using employee directories with extended capabilities) -internally- combined with others like Flickr, Last.fm, del.icio.us, Second Life, Eve Online, Twitter, Dopplr or even Facebook. Quite interesting to listen to Roo’s experiences making use of them sharing how he interacts with his extended and various social networks.

And, finally, the last few slides you would be able to some more screen shots from various different virtual worlds, including IBM’s attempt to bring 3D Internet inside of the corporate firewall with an application called Metaverse. Quite an interesting listen as well, for sure, since Roo has been working rather actively in making it look like and behave like it is at this very moment.

Again, a very nice presentation by Roo, that I am sure you are going to enjoy quite a bit. In fact, his pitch was one that dragged plenty of the comments and conversations that followed afterwards around the topic of social computing. And I am surely glad I had the chance of not only catching up with Roo, but also partaking in several of those great conversations, which I will be touching base on shortly on an upcoming blog post where I will share both the slide deck and audio of the presentation I did on social computing. But that would be the subject for another blog post …

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