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IBM’s 6h iForum – Joint Innovation with Clients by Tony Morgan

While I am waiting for clearance on whether I would be able to blog the first keynote session we had from IBM’s 6th iForum – Capitalising on Innovation, held last week in Zürich, or not, I thought I would go ahead and share with you the presentation from the next session that came up afterwards. It was done by one of my fellow IBM colleagues, Tony Morgan, who gave a talk on "Joint Innovation with Clients" and how it can work successfully with customers and business partners.

I must say that his presentation was actually one of my favourites (Perhaps on the Top 3 / 5!) not only because of the superb slide deck he did put together (And which I have shared already over in Slideshare), and shared with us, but also because he provided a very good overview of how Innovation, despite what some people keep saying, needs to be closely tied in with Collaboration, both inside and outside of the corporate firewall, i.e. with customers, business partners, etc. etc.

Yes, indeed, there is probably no better way to keep up innovating at a rampant pace than by focusing on driving collaboration with your partners and customers: listening to their needs, acting and co-working collaboratively into finding specific solutions is probably the best way to move forward into an environment where everyone benefits from such joint knowledge sharing activities.

What is interesting as well from Tony’s presentation is how he has used himself and his interactions with one of his customers to share how a Joint Innovation Partnership / Value Creation Centre (a.k.a. VCC) would actually work out successfully by putting together a number of indispensable items to help build it up and on to the right track straightaway: having a mission, a scope, a group of people, some processes in place, some tools (Both formal and informal, like ThinkPlace, Jam events, Communities (of Practice), etc.) and, finally some support and governance guidelines.

Finally, right after that very helpful description Tony gets to cover what would be some of the most relevant and important factors for success (Read through along the lines of how to measure innovation successfully (More on this later…)) and from there onwards the slide deck will get wrapped up with a very nice summary, which I am not going to spoil for you 😉

Thus without much further ado, here you have got the embedded slides from Slideshare, with the direct link to it, in case you may be subscribed to the RSS / Atom feed and would want to check it out further, so that you can find out why this was, in my opinion, one of the best speaker sessions from the entire event. Too bad it didn’t get recorded. Perhaps something to get done for the next time around…

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