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The Impact of Web 2.0 on Knowledge Work and Knowledge Management by Dave Snowden and Jon Husband – Part VI

Continued from The Impact of Web 2.0 on Knowledge Work and Knowledge Management by Dave Snowden and Jon Husband – Part V

Finally, both Jon and Dave comment further on where we are with both the enterprise and the Web 2.0 space and how a successfully merge into would become eventually Enterprise 2.0 would have the break the current polarity we are under: the enterprise guys reject social computing as anarchy and the social computing folks reject any formal structure and excessive control (Extreme order versus extreme anarchy, that Jon sums up quite nicely).

Dave concludes the podcast with Jon by saying something that will make plenty of folks think about it for a while: everybody he knows as an expert in Web 2.0 avoids being associated with the Knowledge Management word like a plague, based on its reputation for over-structure. He thinks KM is in the Long Tail and is going to disappear as a formal organisational title. The function will become much more important though, but it will be requiring a massive shift: the collapse of the dominance of the IT department. There should be more security that would go on the corporate data, and less security on the collaboration going beyond the firewall! (Brilliant!)

Just fantastic! As you may have been able to see from the series of blog posts I have thoroughly enjoyed the podcast and I am surely glad that they have both shared with us. You can now get a glimpse of why I have been recommending it to a bunch of different folks, from both ends of the spectrum (That pendulum that Dave mentioned). If Enterprise 2.0 is going to make it into the corporate world, I am certain we would need to go through a number of different changes. Some of those are already in place, but for some of the others we still need to do some more work and both Dave and Jon have just paved out what lays ahead and where we should be going. I am not sure what you would be thinking, but we are facing some exciting times ahead of us, don’t you think?

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