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Ziki – Your New Social Network and People Portal Search Engine

Last time that I created a blog post around this very same subject it was a few months back, and given the recent changes taking place, I thought it would be a good time to talk briefly about it again. Yes, that is right. One of my favourite Web 2.0 applications, created and developed in France, that I have been using extensively for quite some time now (It’s still part of the one liner from my mail closing info!) has gone through a massive re-design change and for the better! For the so much better! Folks, check out the new user interface from ZikiBe Visible!

All along I have been mentioning how impressed I have been with Ziki and how more and more they have established themselves as a massively engaging and very attractive open people portal where you can establish yourself what your own online persona would be like by aggregating content from those various resources you get to participate in on a more or less regular basis. And all of that with you always in control of what is going on. Pretty nifty, to say the least.

Well, a few weeks back I discovered how they were also issuing the first Ziki e-Cards. Right now I still got a bunch of the lovely MOO cards, but whenever I run out of them I am so going to get my Ziki business cards. No doubt! And on top of all of that, just recently they have presented us with a new user interface. Much more slicker and easier to navigate through. Incredibly fast as well and with all of its different features (Summary, Connections, Following, Followers, Subscribers, Similar Profiles, Keywords, Profile, etc., etc.) very nicely integrated throughout the entire Web site. Highly recommended, in case you may not have tried it in the past, or in case you thought the previous interface was a bit too crowded. You will not get that now, for sure. On the contrary. It looks like simple is more back at Ziki.

But perhaps out of the entire new re-design they have done of the Web site the feature I really like the most is the front page. Short, sweet and simple. Yet, incredibly efficient and effective! Sounds familiar, right? Well, this is the motto you will be able to read over there: Ziki.com is a next generation search engine designed for people, powered by people.

That is right. It does what it says, you can start searching for people over there and it will find them. At least, their online presence and various life streams, whether they are members of Ziki or not, you would be able to discover the hang-out places for all of those people you may want to find out some more on where they live on the Web. How cool is that? No longer a need to sort out through different results from various search engines trying to find out whether you are searching for the right contact or not. With Ziki that hassle is over! As simple as that.

Yes, I do know and realise that there are other applications out there to help build up further your online life stream and everything and I do get to use some of them as well, but Ziki still keeps ahead of a good bunch of them for a whole set of different reasons and still remains as one of my favourite social networking tools; and if there would be a single feature that I think would be missing from everything they have got to offer so far is that lovely integration with … Facebook. Yes, I know you saw that coming… Then the circle would be complete! ๐Ÿ™‚

(Oh, and in case you would want to check out my own profile over there to connect further you will be able to find me over here. Drop by and let’s get connected!)

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  1. Thanks for the post ! I’m so glad you like the redesign ๐Ÿ˜‰

    What do you mean with facebook integration ? We’re ready here to aggregate feeds from facebook when they’ll decide to open up their platform ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Bon jour, Jean-Franรงois! Thanks very much for the feedback comments and for the info details! Glad you guys keep innovating at a rampant pace! What I actually meant was quite the opposite. Just like there are Facebook applications for Slideshare, Dopplr, Plazes, TwitterSync, YouTube, LinkedIn, My Flickr, etc. etc. I think it would be great if we would have a Ziki Facebook application.

    That is what I meant and perhaps something you guys could have a look and see how easy it would be to implement.

    Hope that helps. And thanks for the feedback and for dropping by!

  3. hi!!! As for me zigime is better than other social networking because it has many unique features people can upload music, video, photos, barter, classifieds, mail, groups, jobs, events, blogs so on… and it has workspace too……nowadays more people are enjoying in zigime network

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