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Social Media at IBM – Focus on Podcasting by George Faulkner

I am sure that you would remember the blog post I created some time ago where I was referring to a recent presentation that my fellow IBM colleague, and good friend, Andy Piper, did on Social Media @ IBM. In that particular presentation he covered some of the stuff that is going in IBM sharing some further thoughts around some of the different social software tools that IBMers are making use of both inside and outside of the firewall. That presentation, which you can still get to go through in Slideshare, is just perhaps the perfect introduction to what I am about to share in this particular post.

For those folks out there who would want to know some more about the specific details as to how IBM did get started with social media, both inside and outside of the firewall, over four years ago, I would strongly suggest you check out the very insightful blog post put together by another IBMer, and good friend, too, George Faulkner: Social Media at IBM – Focus on Podcasting.

I know it is a rather long article, but in it George has detailed very thoroughly, and quite nicely, a lovely trip down the memory lane on how social media got started inside IBM in the first place four years ago; talking not only about the overall approach from IBM towards New Media, but also talking about some of the specific tools that we have been making use of all along. Examples like Blog Central or IBM’s Media Library, to name a couple; including as well some of the stats on their penetration in the corporate workspace. Very enlightening to say the least, specially for those folks who may want to know some more on the topic.

But things don’t stop there, because George himself has been very much involved (And still is, as a member of the Corporate New Media team) with Social Media himself. You may be remember a number of different podcasts that he hosted under the weekly podcast show ShortCuts or his involvement with IBM and The Future Of… series.

Finally, George has decided to jump into the Internet blogosphere with his own external blog (Blueprints – Podcasting and Social Media at IBM) and some of the different posts he has put together already would give you a strong sense of how he is living social software at the same time that you would get to read further on how IBM is continuing to spread the message about social computing with various different initiatives. George’s focus is on podcasting, as you may have noticed already, but I am sure that over the course of time you would be able to read some more on other stuff he has been involved with, along with his team, around the area of social software.

And that is the whole purpose of writing this blog post today. First to point you to a fantastic article he has put together under Social Media at IBM – Focus on Podcasting, but also sharing some link love with him and encourage you all to subscribe to his blog if you would want to find out some more on the IBM happenings behind social computing. There is a great chance that rather George may have blogged about some of the most interesting topics, and if not, I’ll be that he would be more than happy to accommodate any further queries folks may have around the subject of how IBM started embracing social media over 4 years ago and how it is progressing further in that massive adoption of new media within the corporate firewall!

Thus welcome to the Blogosphere, George! Yes, indeed, the waters are lovely! Glad to see you over here diving further on to the various different conversations! … Keep it up!

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