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A Vision of Students Today – The Workforce of Tomorrow

There is nothing like getting started with another week at work by bumping into one video clip that you wish you would have been involved with big time. There is nothing like getting started with another Monday by watching and being inspired by, yet again, one wonderful video that clearly defines where we are heading.

You would probably remember the couple of video links I shared over here not long ago around the subject of "Reflecting on the Impact of Social Computing in Education and Learning" or the ones related to the Did You Know? series. Well, the following video link I am about to share falls under the same lines.

I actually bumped it in a blog post from Eduardo Peirano, author of Onlinesapiens Blog, who I have been following for quite a while now in various different social networks. Yesterday he created a blog post with the title "How Students Learn Video" where you would be able to find another gem from Michael Wesch ("A Vision of Students Today"), where the stars of the show are actually the actual students. Yes, indeed, those students enrolled in Introduction to Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University.

This is the kind of video clip that I would certainly encourage everyone out there involved in Learning, Education and Knowledge Management to watch. And if you are into social computing, by all means, you should watch it, too! It is just mind-blowing from the perspective that you would be able to find out some more about the next generation of the workforce that will be with us very very shortly. This is perhaps a good way to find out some more where the action is, and where it will be, and how we would all need to adapt to it, if we would want to succeed in our collaboration and knowledge sharing activities with different knowledge workers, because it surely is a new playground out there than what it used to be a few years back!

Goodness, even I wish I would have had an exposure to half of the stuff that gets mentioned throughout the video. I bet things would have been so much more different now. But you know what they say, it is better late than never. And I am surely glad that Eduardo has pointed out such video, because it is going to go into my pool of essential video clips to use in presentations to demonstrate how the workforce of the last century is going through a major shift as we get immersed into the 21st century. Will we be ready for it? We shall see. Time will tell, but here is an advance of what’s about to happen very very soon in our own current working environment:

Are you ready to shift gears?

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