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Oh, boy, it sounds like this was one of those weeks where I should have been on holidays, because so far, over the last couple of days, I have been just as productive as I would have been if I were on vacation. Nothing. Zero. Nada. Yes, indeed, I am still suffering from the Windoze Syndrome, in such a way that today, in between meetings and conference calls, I have been spending more time fixing the computer than doing some productive work. And I am still not done!

I hardly had any time to catch up with the various social networks where I normally hang out, both inside and outside of the firewall; something that I am not very happy about either, and tomorrow it doesn’t sound like it is going to be any easier than the last two days. More than anything else, because I will be swamped in more meetings and conference calls almost during the entire day! Ouch! Yes, I know, I should have taken my vacation!

Anyway, enough of that stuff that most certainly will not interest you. Let’s just use today’s blog post to share with you one of those gems from out there on the Internet, that, no matter what kind of day you may have had, it surely is one of those items that you would  surely enjoy quite a bit and most definitely will make it up for it. And big time!

If you really enjoyed this particular video clip (that I blogged about over here some time ago), or this other follow up one on the same subject (Which I also got to talk about it over here), then you must check this other one that Michael Wesch has put together and which will make your jaw drop and go WOW! and Ahhh and WOW! again of how good it really is. As simple as that.

Both Euan Semple and WebToolsForLearners have already linked to it, so I thought I would leave you with it without saying much further, because after watching it, there isn’t much more that I can add. It is just as brilliant, smart, educational, enlightening and thought-provoking as the first one and it will surely become one of my favourite clips to use in upcoming presentations. It lasts for about 5 minutes and it is a pure delight watching it. Hope you enjoy it. I will continue with my particular fight and hope to be productive soon again!

(Just pure genius! Without a doubt! Speechless!)

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