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elsua’s Second Anniversary

I cannot believe that another year has gone by just like that! Yes, that is right, folks. Today it is elsua.net‘s second anniversary!! A day like today in October 2005 elsua.net was going live on the Internet. After 2.5 years of blogging internally behind the firewall, I finally decided, back then, to dive into the Internet blogosphere and join the crowds. Now, two years later, it still feels as if it was yesterday! Yet a few things have changed and quite a bit!

668 blog posts (This one included) and 1.148 comments (A ratio of 2.2% if you would be interested) later, I guess things are going pretty all right. I am still enjoying the experience as if it was my very first week of blogging! I know that most of you are not into statistics and everything, but I thought I would share a couple of comments to compare some of those details with the first anniversary.

I am now up to 714 RSS / Atom readers. Yes, that is right! That’s you folks out there faithfully reading some of the stuff I have been blogging over here over the last couple of years. Thanks ever so much for sticking around all along! Also just yesterday I reached the 60.000 page hits (Currently 60.225), which, for a Knowledge Management blog, I guess it’s not too bad. As you all may well know, the primary reason why I get to blog in all of my blogs is not to get some massive readership dropping by once or twice and then moving on. I would rather prefer to have a smart readership that sticks around for a while. So thanks a lot as well for dropping by every now and then!

I know that there are plenty of highlights I could mention over here of some of the really cool things that have happened over the course of the last year (Most of which you have already witnessed all along), but perhaps the one that will stick with me for a long while is the fact that starting Nov 1st I will be going into my dream job and part of that huge career move is due to elsua.net. At least, that is what people keep telling me. So if you still think that social computing does not have any kind of impact within your own career and the business you work for, you may need to think again 😉

Because if it has worked out for me, there is no reason why it could as well work out for you! I am sure of that!

Here is to another 2 years of blogging! And hope you will be sticking around as well! I’ll see you all around!

(Oh, you may have noticed as well how, in the last few days, I have now tweaked the blog template and removed most of the different widgets that were slowing down the Web site itself and have moved most of those to my Facebook profile, but I will elaborate some more on this shortly, too!

Also according to Emezeta Rank, a new and rather interesting Spanish Web 2.0 offering, elsua.net could help me earn 850$/month. Isn’t that enticing or what? 😉 )

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  1. Happy blogversary! =D

    I’m happy to say that I’ve browsed through all of your posts here (yes, all; yay Google reader), and I’ve learned so much thanks to you. =) Keep on writing!

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