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Announcements … Finally!

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I know I mentioned last week that I had an important announcement to make and, throughout all of the different social networking tools I use on a regular basis, I have been leaving status messages counting the hours to release the great news to the world. Alas, things needed to spread around internally first, before I could make them well known to everyone else. Yesterday was kind of hectic, so didn’t have the time to make it either. But today is the day.

The big announcement I have to make is at as of the 1st of November 2007 (It will mark as well 8 years since I joined IBM as full time employee) I will be moving into a new job. Yes! That is right, I will be leaving my current project within the IBM Global Business Services, Learning & Knowledge – Community Building Team, and join IBM’s Software Global Technical Sales team with Dale Rebhorn and working very closely as well with Gina Poole (IBM Software Group, Marketing VP, Social Software Programs and Enablement) and her team.

I am incredibly excited about this particular job move, because it would allow me to do on a full time basis what I have been doing, for most of the time, out of my own private time, which is basically help knowledge workers, whether they are part of my immediate teams or not, or elsewhere, including business partners and customers, embrace and adopt social software in order to collaborate much more effectively with other knowledge workers.

I guess my new title would probably not change much from the one I have at the moment: Knowledge Manager, Community Builder and Social Computing Evangelist. Except that perhaps this time around the focus would be more on evangelising on social computing and helping a bunch of teams and communities out there embrace social software.

As you may well have guessed, I am now in transition mode for the next few weeks, from my former job into the new one. Incredibly excited nevertheless! I just can’t wait to get started! That transition is also to reflect on some changes here in my blog, although I am still not sure how they would be paving out. I will be updating my About page in its due time as more and more details become available, once I am done with that transition, but, as you can imagine, this new job I am about to start shortly is all what I have always dreamt for all along! (At least, ever since I got involved with social software 5 years ago!)

Not only will I be able to continue working with some really cool people, but at the same time I will be doing on a full time basis what I have been doing here and there, and everywhere else in between: share my own passion about social software with other knowledge workers.

Will that mean that things will change drastically from my own blogging and voice styles? I don’t think so. I suspect that things would be pretty much the same, except that this time around my focus is probably going to be a bit stronger than what it has been so far around the subject of social computing, Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0.

Exciting times ahead, I know, and I am incredibly jazzed up about it. Hope you will, too, because, believe it or not, this new job comes to me thanks to you all, specially for giving me the opportunity to build up further on my own excitement about social computing, Knowledge Management, Collaboration and Communities, and sharing it with everyone else!

So let’s get things moving! The word is out! And I am ready for it, baby! Let’s do it!

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  1. My biggest compliments! You deserved it and I’m sure you are the best one for this kind of position!

    Looking forward to meet you face to face for a beer to celebrate!


  2. Thanks a lot for the feedback comments, folks! I really really appreciate you dropping by and sharing those lovely comments. They are greatly appreciated, indeed!

    Emanuele, I, too, look forward to meet up with you face to face and I am surely looking forward to enjoying that lovely pint, or two, to celebrate! Perhaps sooner than what you would expect! heh Oh, by the way, I have got a lovely surprise piled up for you … will get in touch with you soon…

    Dennis, you are on for those beers, you know that, specially if they come accompanied with some lovely tapas 😉 hehe There is now way I am going to let you go without enjoying some of those while tasting one of those lovely beers where you live, so I am taking your word on it to meet up soon!

    Stuart, yes, the transition is going to be an interesting one, and I am hoping that I would be able to share a thought or two on this particular subject on how things would develop. It would be an interesting one, since both projects are fundamentally different, so we shall see how that goes. Will keep you all updated.

    Sacha, Dennis, Per, thanks again, guys, for the kind comments and for dropping by! In a way this huge step I am taking moving into this new job is partly owned to you folks and everyone who has helped me develop some of the ideas around social software I have been putting together and I am surely hoping to keep the conversation going! I bet you, too! 🙂

    Cheers everyone!

  3. Congratulations!

    How exciting! I am sure you will perform your new job fantastic! All the best!

    I am looking forward to talk to you soon!


  4. Congratulations, Luis. Sounds like a nice move. It would get you to work full time on spreading the word … And, enabling a much larger audience with Social Computing tools. Do keep writing about your experiences on the “other side of the fence!”.

  5. Luis, bigget applaude to you !! Congratulation on moving to new assginment. Very much looking forward to seeing your more thrust on ever chaning world of Social Computing. Keep up with Good Work.

  6. Luis,

    Congrats. Big loss for GBS, but you are such a great resource to ALL of IBM that I am sure even the GBSers will not notice the change that much.

    I had no idea your background was in Education before social computing. Any corporate learning? If so, would love to pick your brain. If more k-12, you should definitely hook up with the NYC Dept of Ed folks. They are doing some good web2.0 work. Let me know if you are interested and I will make some intros.

    They are using IBM social computing software so you can chalk it up to part of the new job.

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