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Reflecting on the Impact of Social Computing in Education and Learning

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Most people who know me in real life for quite a while now would probably tell you how my background has got more to do with Learning than with IT itself. Funny enough, even though I have been working in IT for over 10 years! So it would not come to anyone’s surprise my keen interest in Education and Learning, specially the impact that social computing is having in the field. So much so that from here onwards I plan to share a number of different thoughts that have been in my mind over the last few months and which I will be sharing from now on.

To get things started I thought I would go ahead and share with you a couple of video links that I am sure you would find them rather interesting, if not thought-provoking altogether. The first one is actually a YouTube vodcast from Dennis Howlett who, over the course of 5 minutes, gets to share some details on the kind of impact that social software is having with the younger generation and how more and more businesses should start paying attention to how they get to use most of social software tools, instead of trying to prohibit its use behind the corporate firewall.

Here is a genius quote from Dennis before you get to watch the embedded vodcast link:

"If you are not understanding the kids of today are the leaders of business tomorrow, […] then you got problems" (Oh, and his final reflection is one of those that would make you think, but you better watch it for yourself and you will see what I mean)

The second video Web link that I would want to share with you folks, is actually something that I wish I would have an English version for. It is roughly a 16 minute webcast in Spanish from a judge of minors from Granada, called Emilio Calatayud Pérez, where he gets to talk about some of the roles and responsibilities from kids, the not so young kids, parents, teachers and the rest of society (Yes, I know, the whole lot!), which does a superb introduction as what are the things that don’t work now and how they could potentially work, so that those youngsters of today would become the leaders in society we would all hope for in the near future.

If Dennis’ 5 minute vodcast is really worth while your time, this second video link is just as inspirational, if not more. It would make you think about things twice, and best of all, it would help you set things in a way which you may not think was possible. And that is all I will be detailing here. For the good stuff, just watch the webcast. I am certain you would enjoy it just as much as I did. I am sure. So here is the direct link to it and here is the embedded version:

(From here onwards, just give a special thanks to Professor Luis for sharing the webcast link with us and for the great find… And, like I said, just wished there would be an English version … Hope you would get to understand some of it in Spanish. It is a must-watch reflection on how things are going with our younger generations)

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  1. I am really delighted that you are picking up the debate about the links between social computer, social networking and learning (whether in education or in business).

    This is something dear to my heart as I have much evidence of my own and others’ learning from these technological advances.

    I am currently having this discussion with a group of HRM and HRD students in my University class where I am lecturing in Learning & Development, and only just last night, was trying to encourage them to use discussion forums and blogs as a starting point. Happy to share progress in this experiment if you or your other readers of this blog are interested.

  2. I saw on German television a documentary about youth crime in Europe where the had some interviews synchronized in Germen of Calatayud. Told some friends about it but unfortunately coud not find anything in English. I only basically understand Spanish and would so much like to post it.
    Is there anybody who could translate and put it on YOuTube?
    Please help.
    Best, Elisabeth

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for the feedback comments! I am not sure what video you are referring to, but I can imagine there would be subtitled versions available elsewhere. The Web is just too big not to have those, so if you can point me into the direction of the video you are referring to I may be able to have a look and see if I can find it… Many thanks!

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