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Well, not really. I mean, I was supposed to. A huge announcement, actually. Today. But when things need to happen in a certain way they do regardless, don’t they? In the last few days I have been twittering and sharing messages in my Facebook accont about this particular announcement and how I was planning on letting it out today, but alas, at the very last minute globalisation takes place, the news need to spread further first, before I can let them go out myself. Yes, I know. It happens sometimes.

But not to worry, that big announcement I will be sharing in my blogs will eventually be taking place beginning of next week. So stay tuned, because it is going to be way cool! Yes, indeed, just as cool as this one:

(Not to worry, it will not be just as hilarious as this one above! heh)

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  1. Hi Mac! Thanks for dropping by and welcome to elsua! ROFL! Yes, it will be just as big as what you have just mentioned above, for sure. You will see it when I announce it over here on Monday! heh (Stay tuned!)

  2. Hi Nancy! Thanks for dropping by and for the comments! Yes, *I know*. I wished I would have been able to share it before, but it looks like we would just need to wait for a little more, not to worry. Stay tuned … 🙂

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