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In Search for the Crown of Europe – It Would Have to Be Another Time…

Very few times in my whole life have I gotten too upset about any sports event, but this time around, and with the occasion of the Eurobasket 2007 finals , it had to be the next one. After having played some serious ball during the entire course of the tournament, and perhaps too exhausted, both physically and mentally, after yesterday’s epic victory against Greece, Spain is not going to have the Crown of Europe this time around, as Russia went ahead this time around.

Yes, I know, probably one of the worst matches I have seen played by Spain. I know at any other given point in time the victory would have been more than possible, but in a time where things didn’t seem to go right, and after some tough luck, I guess it had to be Russia’s turn after what happened earlier on today when Spain beat Russia in volleyball back in Moscow. Funny thing, eh?

I guess we are even this time around, folks, although I would have wished to win the gold medal in basketball instead, because what are the chances of being the world and European champions once again? Probably very slim.

Either way, I am extremely happy that we are European champions of volleyball for the first time in history for Spain, and silver medal (For the sixth time ever!) in basketball. I know that we all wanted to have plenty more, but when you come to think about it, that is just such a huge achievement!

You bet we will be back again! This great generation of talented players, who play like a real team and who demonstrate game after game what teamwork is all about, is not going to give up just like that. It just won’t happen. They are all truly remarkable and this has just been one match. They are still my team. Now and the next time, and the next. And the next. Forever.

Congrats to Russia for taking away from us that Crown of Europe that I think we all thought was going to stay home. Perhaps next time…

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