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Luciano Pavarotti R.I.P. – Thanks for All Those Precious Moments of Passion, Full Emotions and Infinite Talent!

Once more, you will have to excuse me for going off topic over here, but this time around I just couldn’t help it. I am sure that by now you may have heard, read or watched the sad news about Luciano Pavarotti leaving us for a better place at age 71 due to pancreatic cancer. Whether you care for opera or not, whether you have attended an opera live or not, whether you may have listened to any performance of such fine art, or not, Pavarotti was one of those very special characters that transcended his immense talent and reached out to everyone out there!

There are lots and lots of things that I could say about him, about how special he was, about how gifted his voice was, about how such a natural he would ever be in all of our hearts. However, I am not going to do that. I am just going to let you all go to YouTube, and start witnessing what is going on in there! Lots and lots of video clips with his various performances are going up sky rocket in the last few hours with thousands of people watching them through. Quite a remarkable tribute to someone who we all know was rather unique on his own.

As I said, you may be a very big fan of Opera (In which case I know that most of these words will just be obvious to you), or not. The thing is that Pavarotti has been one of those incredibly inspirational folks who can give you goose bumps any given time of the day by listening to him, and in most cases it will make you cry with tears of passion, full emotion and remarkable natural talent.

So here is a small and humble tribute to someone who has made me cried with tears of joy and content by witnessing some of his best performances ever. Now you tell me, after watching the links I have shared below, who cannot sit back, relax, and enjoy such a wonderful experience.

Luciano, wherever you may well be now, you shall never be forgotten. Ever. Thanks much for those little precious moments that certainly made us as human as we could be. We are all more than grateful to you for sharing your talent with us and for helping us partake from these emotions:

Nessun Dorma

Ave Maria



(Like I said, goose bumps, tears of full joy and intense feelings)

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