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Blog Day 2007 – Celebrate!

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Blog Day 2007Yesterday was kind of a very busy day, both at work and on a personal level, so in the end I didn’t get much of a chance to create a post over here, so I thought I would go ahead and share this one today for a special event: Happy Blog Day 2007! Yes, that is right, today is Blog Day 2007, an event in the blogosphere that would help everyone promote those different weblog posts that even though they may not be very very popular they still provide some really good content. So I thought I would play the game and do my fair bit of homework on it.

And that is why in this weblog post I am going to follow the rules of this special event and share five different blogs that I read on a regular basis and whose content is just superb, hoping that you may find them useful as well and may have a chance to subscribe to them if you would wish to. So let’s get down to business:

1. Knowledge-at-work by Denham Grey: Yes, I know, this is not really a new blog at all, since Denham has been blogging already for quite some time. However, things have gone a bit quiet since beginning of the year and I am hoping that with this post I may get him to pick things up and get blogging again. If you browse through some of the different blog posts he has been sharing thus far, you would be able to see that he has got something to say about Knowledge Management, don’t you think? For those folks who may not know, Denham is one of the first folks who was thinking about KM when none of us were even busy with it! Thus, Denham, ready to come back? Please? ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Engineers without fears by Matt Moore: And here we go now with something quite the opposite. For a good amount of time Matt has been relatively quiet over at his blog and over the last few weeks he has gotten started with blogging on a much more regular basis and just as insightful and thought-provoking as ever. Matt’s blog posts are those that would make you think about KM related topics twice. Always looking for that twist that differentiates what he has to say from whoever else. If I would have to summarise what you would be able to find over there I guess I would be able to do so by just saying: refreshing! (And worth while a subscription!)

3. Acidlabs by Stephen Collins: In the past I have been referencing a number of different weblog posts from Stephen and by now you probably already know what he is up to. Remember Knowledge Worker 2.0? One of the best presentations that I have seen to date around the subject of Knowledge Management 2.0 and already introducing the concept of knowledge worker 2.0 for the next generation of the workforce. And that is exactly what you would be able to find over at his blog: some really good insights on where we are with Knowledge Management and where we are going, which is perhaps the most exciting part of it all. Another worth while subscription, to say the least!

4. eme kรก eme by Miguel Cornejo Castro: For those folks who may have hanged out at several KM and Communities of Practice related forums, there is probably very little that I can say about Miguel. He surely knows his stuff about the topic of KM and CoPs. So when I saw that he was getting started with his own weblog I was very excited, because everyone out there would be able to see what he is up to.

However, there is also one thing to note about his blog and that is the fact that Miguel is one of the very few blogs on KM sharing articles both in Spanish and English and somehow I feel a bit guilty (In the good sense of the word, of course) that I am not following his example. Perhaps this particular weblog post would help me get the final push and be a bit more prolific with my Spanish related posts. Let’s see. Miguel can have that kind of influence, you see? ๐Ÿ˜‰

5. And, finally, here is the fifth link that I am going to be sharing with you. This time around from a fellow IBMer: Wonderwebby by Jasmin Tragas. Jasmin has gotten started blogging externally just recently and if you browse through some of her blog posts you would be able to see her excitement about virtual, distributed collaboration and how Knowledge Management can help in this space.

At the same time you would be able to see how she gets to explore social computing and social software tools in order to help improve the way knowledge workers get to collaborate. But if there is something else that you would find rather interesting is how she is exploring virtual worlds, like Second Life, and their impact on eLearning. to help improve the way we get to acquire new knowledge and share it with others. Some pretty interesting stuff (Also if you would want to find out what IBM is doing in this particular area).

And that would be it for now. Five blogs worth while looking into as part of Blog Day 2007. I do hope that you get to check them out and perhaps subscribe to one or two as you may see fit. Time now to celebrate! and get started with the weekend!

Have a good one, everyone!

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