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Cognitive-Edge Is Now Hiring!

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Through my ClustrMaps profile, I can see that I have got quite a readership from Asia and it surely comes to confirm how much Knowledge Management has grown up over there in the last few years, while the rest of us just watch and see what happens. Check out, for instance, the superb line up that is coming through for KM Asia 2007. Pretty impressive! (Gosh, I wish I would be able to make it!).

Well, from that readership in Asia I can see that there are a few folks from Singapore and I thought I would go ahead and write this particular weblog entry to alert them of something they may not be aware of, but which surely is quite interesting. Cognitive-Edge is growing! Yes, that is right, as both Steve Bealing and Dave Snowden have commented in their respective blogs, Cognitive-Edge is hiring in Singapore and this is the list of job vacancies they have got available at the moment:

Training & Office Manager
Test Support and QA Manager
Web Developer

I see that Patrick Lambe has been commenting about this as well and I thought it would be a good opportunity to spread the message around, specially given the several times that I have had the chance to link to some of the terrific stuff that Dave has been doing in the area of Knowledge Management and narrative in the last few years.

Back in May, we met at the APQC KM & Innovation event in Houston, TX. I attended his ever inspiring keynote speaker session, which I am sure I would have the opportunity to blog about it at some point; we had a lovely dinner with some other KM folks with some great conversations and must say that if there is anyone out there who has got something to say of value about KM and how narrative is impacting KM then it would be Dave. As simple as that, and if you haven’t subscribed to Dave’s or Steve’s blog I don’t know what you are waiting for. They are both a KM must-read, not to miss out!

That is why, if you live in Singapore and have got a chance to apply for any of the jobs offered by Cognitive-Edge by all means go for it! I can tell you it would be worth while the experience!

If I were you, I would apply myself for it … No doubt! 🙂

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