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Quintura Kids – Safest Search Engine for Children – Where It Matters

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You would remember how, in the past, I have been talking about this particular search engine a couple of times already, Quintura, that provides you with an interesting and refreshingly visual new method of finding what you are after. In a world that little by little gets dominated by other much more powerful search engines, like Google, Yahoo! or whatever else, it is, indeed, rather refreshing to see how other folks take care not only of the accuracy of the search results, but also providing you with the right user experience. And all of that to make it much more effective and appealing for you.

But what happens when you are younger? I mean, a lot younger. As I youngster, or even younger, as a kid, how is that user experience? How accurate are those search engines to meet your needs and fulfil them? I know that some of us do not get to think much about these things, and we probably should, but for parents I bet that it is something completely different, that is always in their minds: opening up the Internet to their children in a protected environment. How do you do that?

Well, according to a recent weblog post by SearchEngineWatch, it looks like there is hope. Yes, that is right. In a weblog post titled Savvy Little Searches they get to share their results after performing a number of searches, based on some other interesting criteria (Visual Appeal to a Child, Relevance to a Child, Commercial vs. Educational, Ease of Navigation) and they came to the conclusion that both Fact Monster and Quintura Kids are both of them as good as it gets!

I am not very much familiar with Fact Monster and would probably try to find out some more about it. But I was surely glad to read how Quintura Kids is also one of the best! Both Amit Chowdhry and Phil Bradley get to share their feedback on the subject and I must say that I really enjoyed Amit’s quote stating: "Quintura for Kids takes into account the innocence of children and filters out inappropriate content in a more advanced manner than the other search engines out there. "

I couldn’t have agreed more with it and I am really glad to hear that not only Quintura is pushing innovation further into the search engine 2.0 space, but also I am happy to see how Quintura Kids becomes top of the tops when providing Web content to children in the right context, at the right time and for the right purpose.

As I said, it will probably not get any better than this, but one thing that we have to remember, and which perhaps would bring forward some food for thought for us all, is that younger generation, not too long into the distant future, would become the leaders of the world and it is surely rewarding to see how Web search engines like Quintura Kids are already paving out their way to navigate through the Internet helping them find what they need. And as time goes further, move on to the next step. Just perfect.

Here is the graphic with the results put together on where each search engine sits. Quite revealing to say the least:

Thus, still think that the Internet is not for children any longer? Hummm. you may need to think again…

Congrats to the Quintura folks for such a huge achievement and here is another cheer to their constant innovation and talent put together to help us get the most out of what we really need and forget about everything else. Even at such an early age, because why waste time, right?

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