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alphaWorks – IBM Emerging Technology

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I am sure that by now most of you folks, who have been reading this weblog for a little while already, know about developerWorks. You may have even read over here about some of the different emerging technologies that IBM is putting together outside ibm.com under alphaWorks and some of which I have been commenting over here already: QEDWiki, ThinkPlace. However, what you may not know much about is alphaWorks itself and how it actually works.

Well, this may well be the perfect weblog post for you then. Some time ago I attended an internal conference call where I was introduced to alphaWorks with a very nicely put together slide deck. I thought the session was rather informative and educational and right away I asked whether it would be possible to share those presentation materials or not with an external audience. Right away I got the answer that it surely was possible to do that and this is the post where I am going to be sharing the materials with you so that you can have a look at some of the exciting stuff that is going on at alphaWorks and some relevant emerging technologies over at IBM.

I have shared the presentation in Slideshare already and will be embedding it over here very shortly, but just wanted to mention a couple of things on what you can expect to find in alphaWorks, taken directly from the slide deck, just to give you a brief introduction to what you will find further:

"— alphaWorks is a proving ground for emerging technologies and ideas
— Facilitates immediate feedback from early adopters and targeted communities
— Helps determine new markets for technology, including commercial interest
— has established market leadership: over 800 technologies published, many graduations to products and open source

From there onwards you would be able to get good overviews of technologies like DevEngage and Many Eyes, amongst others. Thus without much further ado, here is the embedded version of the slide deck where you would be able to check out what is going on inside IBM with regards to some emerging technologies:

Oh, and stay tuned, because very shortly I will be sharing some further thoughts on one other addition that has been put together recently and which I think will be a huge time saver for everyone out there who lives on the Web…

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