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Knowledge Worker 2.0 by Stephen Collins

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Oh, and if you didn’t have enough with that particular presentation, that I have just referenced in the previous weblog post, which Stephen Collins (From Acidlabs) put together a little while ago, here we go with another one he has just shared with the world and with which I have fallen in love from the moment I saw it. Kellypuffs has already gone ahead and referenced it as well over at her weblog, so I thought I would go ahead myself and share it over here as well with you folks.

Why do I like it so much? Why did I fall in love with it since I first saw it? Well, most of the folks who know me in real life know that I have been involved with Knowledge Management since 1998. And the last five of those years I have been involved rather heavily with social computing, social networking and a whole range of different social software tools, as a new, refreshing, inspiring and contagious way to keep promoting knowledge sharing within different organisations; and get knowledge workers to collaborate closer with one another by learning what each of them has been doing so far and continue nurturing those different relationships.

Thus all of what I have written in the different weblogs that I maintain, all of the different presentations that I have done at various events (Both internal and external), all of the different demos and education sessions I have done throughout the years on a good number of social software tools, all of the different conversations and connections that I have made with other knowledge workers while evangelising around the subject of social computing can just be summarised with this single presentation. As simple as that!

Folks, allow me to introduce to you Knowledge Worker 2.0 (Power to the People)

If there is ever anything that I would need to describe the kind of work I do, the kind of work I know is possible for every knowledge worker out there, the kind of work every single business should strife for, this would be it. Trust me. There isn’t anything better to describe what a Knowledge Worker 2.0 is all about than this particular deck.

I have gone through the presentation in multiple various times already, and it is perhaps one of the most comprehensive approaches towards showing how knowledge workers would be in the knowledge economy from the 21st century. There is no way back. It is already happening. Here you have though three reasons why you would want to watch through the entire slide deck:

— A trip down the memory lane on where the concept of knowledge worker originated and how KM 1.0 came into existence. All of that explained in very simple terms.

— An introduction to Knowledge Management 2.0 (a.k.a. KM 2.0) with some very powerful video clips and testimonials that would make you think about things, thrice!

— Re-discover again Dave Snowden‘s three rules to Knowledge Management in this new context, and some incredibly inspiring quotes, like this one from Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell: “You can’t manage knowledge – nobody can. What you can do is to manage the environment n which knowledge can be created, discovered, captured, shared, distilled, validated, transferred, adopted, adapted and applied

And the rest of the presentation I leave it up to you to find out some more or not by going through it below or over at Slideshare. One thing that I know for sure, though, is that next time someone asks me what I do for a living I know which presentation I am going to be sharing with them. How about you?

Still think that Knowledge Workers 2.0 do not exist?

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