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Goose Bumps

That is exactly what I had earlier on this week when, thanks to Kellypuffs, I bumped into this particular video clip from YouTube:

There is just not much more than I can say about it, is it?, other than it is these little things we keep bumping into every now and then that make it all very worth while, don’t you think?

Very touching, moving, adorable. Priceless!


Plus it is now Friday, getting ready for the weekend and just found out earlier on today that I am about to exceed the monthly bandwidth from elsua.net, so need to take care of it as we speak. You may expect a few hours of down time while I get it all sorted out. But I guess that is what it takes to be popular, right?, although nothing to compare with Conny and her over 7 million hits and counting!

Have a good one everyone!

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