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Social Software … in Plain English

How many times have you tried to convince people about the business value of social software in the enterprise and failed in the attempt? How many times have you tried to describe different social computing terms to different folks and never managed to get the message across successfully? How many times did you wish you had an elevator pitch ready to explain different social networking concepts? Too many, I am sure, like most of us.

Well, here is something for you that you may find interesting and very very relevant to your job of evangelising on social software. I surely do find it incredibly re-energising! It is actually coming from Sachi and Lee LeFever, from Commoncraft, and it is a super fine series of very short video clips with some compelling messages describing some key concepts of social computing itself.

There are four videos put together not lasting for more than five minutes each and if there is anything that I can say about them all is that they are very educational and enlightening at the same time that they are really good fun to watch. What else could you expect from Commoncraft than getting to know about these important Web 2.0 terms and have plenty of  good fun in the process. And taking just a few minutes, which would make them perfect candidates for your elevator pitch!

I am surely going to be re-using these video clips all over the place hoping to continue spreading the message all over, so that even those folks who may not be that technical would have the perfect opportunity to get to know about some of these concepts. I just wished the clips would have come out a lot earlier, as I am certain they would have saved us all plenty of time explaining some of the basics and get everyone on board right away. That is just how *good* they all are!

I am not planning on expanding further much more on this, so I think we better get going with them. That way you would have an opportunity to enjoy them just as much as I did. They are just terrific and if not check out as well the different links I will be sharing below from different folks who have been promoting these very same videos. Excellent stuff!

RSS in Plain English (3′ 43” and referenced already by other folks such as Social Media Club, Nancy White, Jack Vinson, Anol Bhattacharya, Joitske Hulsebosch, Miguel Cornejo Castro, Chris Collison, Dan Keldsen, George Siemens, etc.):

Wikis in Plain English (3′ 52” and referenced by George Siemens, Anol Bhattacharya, Beth Kanter, Shel Holtz, Rex Lee, Joitske Hulsebosch, Rich Hoeg, Chris Collison, Dan Keldsen -Highly recommended reading, by the way, from Dan on the topic of Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 and some of the basics):

Social Networking in Plain English (1’47” and referenced by George Siemens, Chris Collison, Chris Fletcher, Joitske Hulsebosch):

Social Bookmarking in Plain English – demonstrating del.icio.us (3’25” and referenced by a whole bunch of people. Amongst others: George Siemens, Chris Fletcher, Beth Kanter, Techmeme, Nancy White, Mashable, Jeremiah Owyang, Shel Holtz, Anol Bhattacharya, Craig Cmehil, Martin Koser and Robin Good with a superb overview over here):

Thus there you have it. Four gems that will get re-visited over and over and over again in order to provide a clear guidance on how to learn quickly and effectively four different key concepts around the subject of social computing and social software. Thanks ever so much, Sachi and Lee, for putting together these fine video clips and for making our lives a whole lot easier after sharing them! Well done!

(Oh and if you are having difficulties trying to differentiate blogs from message boards here is a bonus link from Commoncraft as well that explains the main differences quite nicely! Good stuff!)

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