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PodTech – Robert Scoble Interviews Mike Moran and Irving Wladawsky-Berger – “We Are not Your Father’s IBM!” Part II

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If you would remember, a few days ago I created a weblog post where I was pointing to a recent video cast that Robert Scoble did with one of my fellow IBM colleagues: Drew Clark where Drew got to talk about some of the awesome stuff that is going on inside IBM and which would certainly help provide an awareness to outside folks on what is going on there. If you have listened to the interview, you probably heard the "We are not your father’s IBM!" statement and therefore I am going to go back for some more, since it looks like plenty of folks who think that IBM is still the same of what it used to be. Well, think again.

Yes, that is right. It looks like Scoble has been a bit busy at the IBM house lately, because he has put together a couple of interviews with two other IBMers that I can certainly recommend, to help you get an idea of what is going on in other areas from this 370,000 employee large enterprise.

The first interview I would want to point out to you is the one he did with Mike Moran, an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Product Manager of IBM’s OmniFind search software, who gets to talk over the course of nearly 15 minutes about Marketing and how social media has changed the way we share information out there in the public along with some of what IBM is doing on the subject. Pretty good for a distinguished engineer, don’t you think? 😉 I mean, who would have thought about that, right? Well, listen to it.

The second interview that I would want to point out to you is another one he did recently with Irving Wladawsky-Berger, with Larry Magid, from CBS News, chiming in as well, in which Irving (Recently retired after 37 years of service! WOW! I wasn’t even born when he joined IBM!!) gets to talk about the huge impact that virtual worlds, in general, are going to have beyond the immediate impact we are seeing in the gaming world.

Irving gets to talk about how those virtual worlds (Second Life amongst many others) will help shape up the way we interact with other knowledge workers to conduct business and drive revenue out of it. In fact, he also touches base, roughly, on the recently published IBM Virtual World Guidelines that Roo Reynolds gets to describe superbly further so well over at Eightbar. I tell you. An interview worth while the nearly 22 minutes that it lasts! Lots of good stuff in there and I just wished they would have continue talking some more. It was just starting to get really good when they had to go. Sigh

Oh, and if you didn’t have enough with that, and want to find out some more as to why this IBM is not your father’s IBM any longer, check out the super fine job that the folks at Redmonk.TV have done interviewing several other IBMers on various different topics:

"Its not exactly live TV, but the content is online now- interviews with Ali Arsanjani (IBMs approach to business / IT service modeling and “World is Flat?”, Robert LeBlanc (turning IGS into an automated services company rather than a body shop) and Sandy Carter (using the latest cool media tactics and tools to educate people on SOA. T-shape people, technologists taking up the cross?)" (Excerpt taken directly from James Governor’s Monkchips blog)

Disclosure: I work in *that* company 😀

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