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Planeta Canarias – Following the Sad News

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If you would want to follow some more of the tragedy we are going through at the moment, check out the following resources live:

La Provincia

And, specially Planeta Canarias, where a whole bunch of us bloggers are sharing our first impressions of this unforgetable dramatic event!

PS. And, of course, I will be twittering some of my experiences about the whole, unprecedented, event. Stay tuned for more updates…

Oh, and for those folks who have shown their interest and further support a quick word to just simply say “Thanks!” for the concerns and for the support. It is greatly appreciated. I am doing fine for the time being, although it is incredibly impressive to see the fire in the horizon from the several mountains that surround the place I live in, down South of the island!

Update – 3:00 am 31st of July: Here are some more links covering the news on how the fires spread around the South-West of the island into what has been flagged already as the worst catastrophe in history (Of the island, that is):

Wildfires in Gran Canaria
Spain arrests forest ranger who confessed to setting blaze in Canary Islands
Algo se quema
Incendios en Canarias via satélite
Arde Gran Canaria
El fuego arrasa Palmitos Park y el hotel aledaño
Hace fuego
En llamas
Palabra del lector
Have fuego
Vecinos de Fataga y Tunte se niegan a evacuar sus casas, mientras que el próximo núcleo podría ser El Salobre (El Salobre being the village next to the one where I currently live in, El Tablero)

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