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IBM Academy of Technology Collaboration 2.0 Conference – Overview of Social Computing at IBM

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A good number of folks have been contacting me through IM and e-mail in the last couple of days asking me if I could share some further details about a recent weblog post that I shared over here around the subject of the upcoming IBM Academy of Technology Collaboration 2.0, taking place next week in Somers, Monday to Wednesday. If you remember, this is a conference event that deals with the subject of social computing within the Enterprise, specially within IBM. So I thought I would spend a few minutes today sharing with you some of the different ideas, concepts and tools that would be part of the actual agenda.

Yes, I do realise that I will not be able to share with you the specific details of the agenda itself, but I have been commenting offline with those folks that the main theme of the conference would have to do with a whole bunch of initiatives where IBM is getting involved with the Web 2.0 field. As a starter, you could certainly have a look into the article Web 2.0 Goes to Work, that a whole bunch of people have been commenting on already (And which I will be sharing my thoughts on it very shortly), and which will explain some of the exciting stuff that is taking place with Web 2.0 both inside and outside of IBM.

Then from there onwards there would be a number of themes that would be covered throughout the conference and here you have got some of the different highlights that I am certainly looking forward to get to know myself some more:

— Impact of Web 2.0 within the Learning environment through the usage of games, virtual worlds, Second Life, group collaborative eLearning, plus a whole bunch of social learning tools,
— Impact of IBM’s Technology Adoption Program in the evangelism of various social software tools within the corporation,
— Collaboration 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 as main key drivers for Innovation, both inside and outside of the corporation, with business partners and customers,
Lotus Connections,
— Role of online, distributed (And global) communities as major catalysts in the adoption of social computing tools to help knowledge workers share their knowledge, build up their trust levels and collaborate with others much more effectively than ever before,
Lotus Quickr
— Impact of wikis within the corporation (With over 160,000 IBMers using them on a regular basis spread in around 11,000+ wikis from Wiki Central) as massive group collaborative tools that help drive innovation within the group and beyond,
Lotus Sametime and an overview of its various social networking related plugins,
I. And a whole bunch of demos on different TAP and Research related social software tools.

You would have to agree with me that some of the stuff I have just mentioned above is incredibly fascinating, very enlightening and somewhat thought-provoking. As the conference begins to take place next week, I will be talking to a whole bunch of the presenters and will ask them if it would be possible to share some of the content they have been working on for those presentations over here in this weblog so that I can give you a little bit more of a taster of what the event was all about. You know already that I will not be able to share my own presentation as it has got some sensitive stuff in it that would not be suitable for an external audience, but I am hoping that I would be able to share with you some other materials to, at least, give you a quick overview of some of the initiatives that IBM has been busy with over the last few months.

Thus stay tuned for some more to come and let’s hope that I will be able to share some more further insights about the IBM internal event of events around the subject of Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration 2.0 and Social Computing. Again, if you would want some additional details, just drop me a line and I will have a look and see what I can do…

For the time being, I am getting ready for an event that I have been really looking forward to for the last two years and this time around is the good one!

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