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It has been a hard week, I know. Too long, perhaps. For me, too. I just cannot wait for the weekend to get started, I tell you. Specially, on a week like this one where things haven’t stopped for just a few minutes to chill out a bit, relax and get back on top of it. Phew! Yes, one of those weeks… Sigh.

Well, what a better way then to start celebrating the weekend than keeping this weblog entry short, enjoying some fine tunes with some incredible lyrics and get slowly in the right mood. It has been a little while since I have last shared a video clip in here so without much further ado, here is one of those songs that helps stop everything, relax, chill out and … move on!

(You would probably remember the song as it was used for a very popular commercial, but this version is just … priceless!)

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