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Searching for an Atom Publishing Protocol Offline Weblogging Client

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I was actually going to continue weblogging about some of the stuff I have been sharing in the last couple of weeks. However, earlier on this week, I have been advised about something that is surely going to change my own weblogging habits. And I thought that, before getting into any further trouble, I may as well address it over here hoping that folks out there reading this post would be able to help or, at least, provide some pointers. As most of you already know, specially those folks who have been reading this weblog for a while, I mostly get to weblog through different offline weblogging clients.

Initially I got started with w.bloggar, which I got to use for a few months. Then I moved into both Performancing for Firefox (Now ScribeFire) and Flock‘s weblogging component, both of which I got to play around with for a couple of months as well and in the very end I settled in with what I thought was one of the best offline weblogging clients available out there: Qumana. For a good number of months, I have been an extremely content with the results that Qumana has brought into my weblogging efforts. I sill continue to make use of it, as I am doing right now while I am putting together this particular weblog post. But something came up earlier on this week that is probably going to make me stop making use of it.

For one of the weblogs that I maintain, I am actually using Qumana with the MetaWeblog API in order to publish content to it. In the last few days not only have I found out that it is an insecure weblogging tool (Since apparently it does not encrypt the user id and password from my weblog when I get to post the entries), but also I have found out that particular blogging platform is not going to support such API for offline blogging. Instead they will support the Atom Publishing Protocol one.

Now, I am not quite familiar with the technicalities, but one thing that I know for sure, is that none of the offline weblogging clients that I mentioned above supports APP. At least, Qumana doesn’t, which brings me into the situation where I need to start looking for another offline client that would support such protocol. Well, so far, I have failed to find one. I have been using Google and several other search engines and haven’t been able to find anything on the subject. At least, a client that I could take a look into.

So that is the purpose of this weblog post. A kind request for anyone out there, having faced this very same situation, who would be willing to share some further details on offline blogging tools they may have been exposed to and which would support that APP. If you have been using one of those clients successfully I am surely keen on finding out some more about it as I think I am ready to move away from all of the different clients I have mentioned above till they would start supporting APP, something that doesn’t look like it is going to happen any time soon.

As time goes by, and as I may have some further updates on the subject, I will go ahead and share them over here. For now, it would be time for me to get started with the weekend after having heard today some incredible piece of news that I may be able to share with you all very shortly. Those of you who I have been talking to offline would probably know what I am referring to, but for all the others, not to worry, I shall talk about it whenever things would be ready. Stay tuned! And thanks for any tips you can provide in helping me find my next and, hopefully, definitive offline weblogging client. Time to move on…

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