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Liberate Your Control Freaks by Stephen Collins

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During the course of the day yesterday a very good friend of mine, and fellow IBM colleague, and myself had a very interesting discussion on how social computing was actually impacting the education system in multiple countries and opening up new ways of collaboration and knowledge sharing for students, teachers, tutors, parents, etc. etc. over the last couple of years and how it is certainly going to help prepare the way for Learning 2.0. I wish I would have the opportunity to share some more insights on such fascinating topic, since, after all, that has been my background for a number of years, so I guess at some point I will come around to it.

The thing is that at some point during our conversation he mentioned if I knew of presentation materials that would be simple enough to provide strong messages that would demonstrate the value of social computing in a learning environment. So much so that it would not focus on most of the tech jargon behind it, but just simply cut through the cheese and get down to the details on why schools should bother looking into and considering social software. Back then, I mentioned to him a good number of different resources, available internally, and also some suggestions from my public blogroll where he could get some materials to finally work on such presentation.

But then, after a couple of hours, since we finished our conversation, I found out that one of the folks I have been following for a while, my good friend Stephen Collins, and also a Twitter user, shared the following tweet:

"Woohoo! Slideshare has listed my WebJam talk as a featured presentation! http://tinyurl.com/ytg86m"

So, knowing him and the fine piece of work he has been doing lately as well around the subject of Social Computing and its adoption within the corporate world and beyond, I decided to check it out and head over to his slide deck in Slideshare and WOW! Exactly, what I was looking for. The type of presentation materials that delivers a key and powerful message on how social computing can contribute towards helping whatever business (Or school, for that matter!) become smarter at what they do and with a whole lot less effort in the process.

"Collaboration is everything" for sure. That is the main key point that you will get out of such a wonderful slide deck. And which, if anything, would help a wider audience understand some of the key concepts behind social computing without having to worry about the technicalities. In short, one of those presentations that you can show to those folks who would want to know what the fuss is all about, but without having to struggle with all of the technical jargon that you get to find in most presentations at the moment. Very impressive, indeed!

And since Steve shared it over in Slideshare, here you have got the embedded presentation materials so that you can watch them directly from here:

Very powerful, don’t you think? Yes, indeed, this is one of those presentations that I am surely going to share it with those folks out there who would want to have a good overview of what social computing is but without giving me weird looks in the process. Good stuff!

Thanks much, Steve, for sharing the deck with us in Slideshare. Well done!

(Oh, did I mention as well that it takes you about three minutes to go through it? I bet you will not give your audience a chance to get bored with it. For sure!)

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