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Innovation with the Capital “I” – Photosynth Demo

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I know that it is Friday already and you probably have got better things to do than read, yet again, another  weblog post from myself on my experiences at the TLE event I attended last week in Paris. So I am going to skip that, actually I am just going to create one other weblog entry over here, but still going to skip that for another day. I am going to talk about something else that a fellow colleague, and good friend of mine, sent out to me via e-mail and which I thought was worth while sharing across. And which fits in quite nicely with what I have talked about a couple of days ago and also with the fact that it is almost time for the weekend! heh

The link came from my good friend Ian McNairn, who, apart from sharing with him a whole bunch of interests and the same passion for social computing and knowledge sharing, is an impressive and stunning photographer! Check out his Web site over here. (So much to learn, so little time!)

Well, he just sent out to me via e-mail the following link to one of the many, and very popular, TED Talks and in it you will be able to watch a seven minute demo from a product called Photosynth that, on its own, just proves the whole point of social computing and its huge and massive business value for businesses, not just consumers / producers. Apart from the WOW!s and the Whoooaaahhhh!s you will just be amazed of what social networking, and the various different social software tools, can do to help build up on the collective intelligence of the group. And build something better as a result of it. *That* is what I would call Innovation with a capital "I".

Here is the link to the video clip.

Yes, I know, after watching the video you would have to agree with me that it was pretty much worth it and you will probably come to the same conclusion I did after I watched it. Thank goodness, I am using Flickr and now I know why I got started with it a couple of years back!

Have a good one everyone!

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