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Entering the World of Mobile 2.0 with the N95

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Remember when not long ago I created a weblog post over here where I was mentioning how in the end I would give in to the world of Mobile 2.0 and jump into the bandwagon and try to become a bit more productive while I am on the road, specially with all the travelling I got involved with over the last few weeks? Well, well, well. I have just reached that stage, because a couple of days back I mentioned in one of my twitterings how I am now a proud owner of one of Nokia‘s latest gadgets: the N95.

Yes, that is right. In the end, after a rather long search and a hat-tip from a good friend of mine, I managed to purchase one these lovely gizmos and so far I can only say that I am just loving the experience! I knew it was worth while the wait. I knew it would be a pricey gadget (Around the 700€!), but then again from what I have seen the last few days so far it is worth while every penny! And so much more!!

The quality of the product is just outstanding, with an incredibly intuitive user interface and packed up with lots and lots, and really helpful, features for those of us on the road who still want to keep in touch with our most frequently used social software tools. Certainly, the N95 is "What computers have become" and I am really glad that I have purchased it just before my trip to Paris next week, because it would allow me to take it for a heavier and much more thorough test than what I have been doing the last few days where I have been sitting in front of the computer most of the time.

I must admit that it would probably take me ages to describe some of the most popular features put together that I have been enjoying so far, so instead of doing that I am just going to link to a YouTube video with an excellent review of the N95, that I have mentioned over here in the past as well, so that you can check what some of those powerful features are.

One of the things that I really like about this particular phone is that apart from the usual regular phone calls and SMS capabilities there is always something new to learn. I mean, in the short time I have been testing out every single day I have found out a new feature or capability I was not aware of, even though I have gone through the user guide a couple of times already (I guess they forgot to include those!). And that is what makes this particular gadget so interesting, that there are so many features that I am sure it would please everyone out there. Even the most demanding!

So far I am loving the experience. I never thought that such device would have such massive impact in the way I interact with most of my social networks and social software tools. Take, for instance, the example from Twitter, where now with the fine release of Twitter Mobile, I can keep up with what my Twitter friends are doing, which from the perspective of attending conference events it sounds like the ideal companion to not miss anything and still be in touch with everyone. And you can record audio and video with an incredible quality, at the same time that the 5 Megapixels camera it is just as good as my good old digital camera! WOW! *Very* impressive!

Anyway, I will probably be relating some of the experiences with it next week as I will be in Paris attending IBM’s Technical Leadership Exchange and I am surely going to bring it with me as my one and only computer while I am on the event! I bet my shoulders would be very grateful, too!

Here you have got a couple of pictures I took the first day from such a fine piece of hardware and software! … Yeah, I know, you can stop drooling now! But I just had to share it as I felt it was about time that I put myself to the test of working out if Mobile 2.0 was made out for me or not. So far I have got the feeling that I am up for it, and with gadgets like the N95 the job looks a lot easier, too!!

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  1. If you have a few minutes check out tinytwitter… it’s a mobile java client w/ a bit more features than the mobile browser app. You’ll be even deeper into the Mobile 2.0 world 🙂

    I am wanting a N95 but i am going to have to wait to save my pennies and curious how my app works on this device.


  2. I’d be interested in knowing where you acquired your N95 from. I’ve looked around eBay.es (I live in Andalucia) but am nervous of making bids given the horror stories I’ve heard about that particular site. Drop an email please.

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