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Ghost Weblogging or on to Find Your Own Weblogging Voice?

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In a day where you have been back to back with multiple conference calls and meetings you wish that by the end of it words would come to you as easy as first thing in the morning when you are all fresh and ready to do some work! Yet, those words fail to come to you whenever you confront yourself with the creation of another weblog entry, like in this case. Well, after one of such days I guess I run out of words or, rather, my brain is thinking about something else and not processing the way it should.

So, instead of me putting together some words that I doubt would be coherent enough, I am just going to be doing some light weblogging and instead share with you one particular cartoon, from the one and only, that describes very graphically, what ghost weblogging is all about. Of course, it had to be Tina The Tech Writer. Three different vignettes that you can describe with a single expression: spot on!

Still think that ghost weblogging is a good thing? Well, stay tuned because very soon I will be sharing some further thoughts on this particular topic, specially after an exciting conversation I had earlier on today and of which you will be hearing some more about shortly… Very shortly.

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