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Enterprise 2.0 Rave – A 24 Hour Brainstorm Amongst Peers – May 2007 – NYC, US

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Well, it looks like the next couple of days I will actually be talking about interesting upcoming conference events that would be taking place all over the place and which may draw an interest as well to some of the folks who read from this weblog on a regular basis. If yesterday I was actually mentioning how by the beginning of May I am actually going to be heading to Houston, TX, US, to present and attend at the APQC Knowledge Management & Innovation Conference here is another event, taking place in May as well, that you may be interested in checking it out: Enterprise 2.0 Rave – A 24 Hour Brainstorm Amongst Peers.

I am actually not going to be able to make it, although I wish I would be able to, given the program they have put together, as I will be presenting myself at another event in Europe during that same time that I will weblog about some more during the course of tomorrow. But, by the looks of it, Francois Gossieaux (From Emergence Marketing. A weblog I can certainly recommend subscribing to!) has put together an incredible amount of hard work to make it happen and it surely promises to be quite an exciting Rave. If not, check out the excerpt from the event’s homepage and which would be descriptive enough as to why all of those folks involved in bringing social computing to the enterprise should check it out, just in case they haven’t got anything better to do those days and want to get some fresh ideas and share their knowledge with others (Gosh, I really wish I would have been able to make it!):

"Who should attend?

If you or anyone on your team is involved with deploying or thinking of setting up Web 2.0 tools within your enterprise, you cannot afford to miss the Rave. The event will be chock full of opportunities to network and build an informal support community to share best , and just as importantly worst, practices."

As if that would not have been good enough to attract people at the event, just head over to the Speakers section and start reading who is actually going to be speaking at the event! Goodness! 7 out of the 10 speakers are folks who I have been subscribed to for several months!!, and which surely know their stuff not only about social computing in general but also how to apply it to the business world: Enterprise 2.0.

That is just fantastic, indeed! I am sure that the event is going to be packed up pretty soon. With that line-up, there isn’t probably a really good reason, nor excuse, not to make it. So I bet that if those folks interested in such hot topics as social computing and Enterprise 2.0 would be able to make it, they will. Here you have got as well the program of the event, just in case you may want to check it out before you go any further with it.

And if all that is not good enough to create some further buzz about the Enterprise 2.0 Rave, then I would suggest you subscribe to the RSS feed, because I am sure Francois and a few other folks would be sharing with us some of the different insights coming out of the event and I will certainly be one of the folks out there who would be very keen on digesting whatever comes out of the event, because I bet it will make my job, and that of those around me, a whole lot easier. And who wouldn’t want that, right? Helping large corporations adopt social computing in order to share knowledge and collaborate amongst knowledge workers much smarter than ever before. Because, after all isn’t that what Knowledge Management is all about?

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