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A Note of Gratitude and Happy Easter!

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I know that I do not get to share much stuff over here about how things are developing further with elsua.net. I have always believed that since you can see some of the different tools I use to gather statistics about user activity and whatever else I don’t feel there is a need to share with you folks some of those different stats. However, this time around it is going to be slightly different. Why? Well, what are the chances that your own blogroll, that you have shared with everyone, has got the exact same number of weblogs than the number of RSS / Atom feed subscribers that elsua.net currently has got? Not many, right?

Well, yes, that is right! My current public blogroll has got 507 entries and just this morning I noticed that all of the feeds I have got and that Feedbuner tracks for me have just passed the 500 mark and already on 507! W00t! That is just some excellent piece of news and something that I did not expect to achieve so soon after having the weblog opened for just 18 months. So from here I just want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of those folks who have subscribed to elsua.net all along and who have been reading through the feeds some of the stuff I have been publishing. It is certainly very rewarding to be able to see how as the weeks go by that list of RSS feeds subscribers to your own weblog continues to grow at a healthy pace. So thanks a bunch for that! It is greatly appreciated!

As you would be able to see from the graphic below, and without digging too much into it, the vast majority of feed readers that people are using are actually split up between Google Reader and Bloglines, although the largest number comes from people using other different RSS feeds, mainly offline clients, pretty much like I am doing myself using Omea Pro. Quite interesting. Perhaps one indication of how much we all like to have the content available offline to digest it some more while we are disconnected.

Anyway, like I said above, thanks everyone for sticking through thick and thin with elsua.net and for keep coming back through your feeds!

And now, since I know that most of you are probably on holidays already celebrating Easter, here is something funny (Hilarious, actually!) for you to get going with those celebrations and that I got from a good friend of mine:

Happy Easter everyone!!!

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  1. Hi Ben! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Welcome to elsua! Glad to see you are having a good time this Easter and that you have enjoyed the bunny pic. I told you. It is just too funny to miss out. Simple, effective, cute and, above all, funny. So, indeed, had to share it and glad you did, too! We need a whole lot more of these! Have a good one and thanks again for the feedback!

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