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Secrets of Successful Blogging by Ted Demopoulos

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I am now back from Budapest, where I have been for the last week attending an IBM Global Business Services Learning & Knowledge internal event around the subject of Knowledge Sharing and Community Building, of which I have talked about here and here. The event itself was just awesome and incredibly re-energising! One of those events that makes you feel jazzed up by the second day you are attending! I have got lots and lots of stuff to share around the event itself and also about the lovely city of Budapest, so I am hoping to make it a bit of justice over the next few days when I get to share a rather long weblog entry detailing what the event was like and what being in Budapest for a week is. Thus stay tuned because it will be shared over the next few days, I hope. It will pretty much depend on how things move forward with that massive catchup with everything else that I am going through at the moment.

However, I just wanted to give you all a heads up from a lovely booklet that Ted Demopoulos has put together recently and which will grab your attention immediately if you are into the subject of weblogging and helping you out improve your overall experience with this social computing tool, in order to reach out, connect with others, share your knowledge and collaborate with other knowledge workers in the subjects you are passionate about as well. And all of that through pimping up your own weblogging experience.

Yes, indeed, that is right. That is the whole purpose of the Secrets for Successful Blogging by Ted Demopoulos, where you can find "101+ tips for blogging more efficiently, effectively and profitably". All I can say is totally recommended! You can read it in a breeze at your own time, specially when you have got a spare minute to dive into each of those different tips. That is, exactly, what I did myself while I was in Budapest. Internet connections have not been very good, specially while I was getting there, so I had a chance to revisit the booklet again and put together some further annotations on how to improve my own weblogging experience and I must say that some people would say it is all pretty much common sense and all, but when you actually see it written down in a such a simple and effective manner that Ted has managed to do, it just clicks.

So, here I am, recommending it (Like many others have done already thus far) as well as one of the best quick and beneficial reads for those webloggers who are not just getting into weblogging in the last few weeks, but also for those people, like myself, who have been weblogging for a number of years and who could still learn a thing or two on something you never thought it was so easy to implement. Amazing, but totally surprising the effect of going through 101+ tips and figure out that there are still lots of things you could do to help improve the way you handle conversations out there in the blogosphere.

A recommended read, for sure, so if you bump into Secrets for Successful Blogging by Ted Demopoulos and still think you can learn some more on what drives your passion in the weblogging world I would strongly encourage you to get your hands on a copy of it. Then I am very certain you will be very grateful to Ted for helping you pimp up your weblog in no time and with some concrete tips you can start implementing from day one!

Thanks much, Ted, for such a lovely, quick, short, and amazing booklet! Worth while a read, to say the least!

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