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RE: Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us vs. the Sensory Us

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WOW! If you thought that this particular YouTube video, of which I talked about it in the past over here, was really cool, and very nicely done, with some very compelling messages about what Web 2.0 is all about and how it is actually impacting the way we experience many different things having to deal with the Internet, and whatever else, then you have got to check the following response to that same video. It is just as good and very well done, too !

I actually got alerted to it by one of my fellow IBM colleagues, Michael Wolfe, who shared it over at his Intranet weblog and I just thought I had to share it over here as well. It is certainly worth while the 3 minutes and 15 seconds it lasts as it contains incredibly powerful quotes that would make you think twice about things you never thought were so important for your day to day interactions, such as these two:

"The Internet is essentially a series of Gutenberg presses and Edison kinetoscopes connected by telegraph wire …"

"…The real achievement of the Internet has been to SIMULATE participation. It has made non-participatory addition of responsive content more rapid … even instantaneous…"

Yes, I know! Pretty intense, isn’t it ?!?! Well, it gets much better; but I guess that, after watching it, I just run out of words, because, after all, they are just a vague representation of something larger, much larger, and much more meaningful. Us. The sensory us. And if not judge for yourself on what we are missing at this moment in time and where we are heading. Apparently a long way ahead of us, or is it really? 

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  1. Hello Sawada-san! Thanks a bunch for the feedback comments and for adding further up into the conversation with that lovely slide show from Slideshare. I have just gone through it and Doug has done a really good job in putting together a slide deck that is quite effective in providing a good overview of where social computing is and how knowledge workers are actually making use of it. So thanks for sharing that!

    Oh, and regarding your comment about downloading the video, you can actually do the same from YouTube videos. There are several different options available out there, but one of the easiest and handiest I have seen to date is actually called KissYouTube. Very slick and very effective way of downloading those videos we are interested in, so you may want to check it out as well in case you would want to get your hands on it…

    Thanks again for dropping by and for the feedback!

  2. You are most welcome, Sawada-san! Any time! Actually, just in case KissYouTube may not work out for you, here is another Web site that would allow you to download those YouTube videos. It is called DownloadThisVideo! and making use of it is just as easy and user friendly as with KissYouTube, so another good alternative to add to the mix! Enjoy it!

    Thanks again for the feedback and for dropping by !

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