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ITtoolbox IT Community Choice Awards – elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog Nominated as Best New Blog in 2006! W00t!

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If you would remember, a bit over a year ago, I created a weblog post where I was actually mentioning how I had started my second Internet weblog, that time around over at ITtoolbox: elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog and dealing with the same topics that I have been sharing over here as well. From there onwards I mentioned over here as well how during the course of last year there were a number of months where that particular weblog was a super star weblog and how nowadays it is one of the popular weblogs currently available.

I must say that overall it has been an incredible experience all along as it has given me the opportunity to be part of one of the finest professional networks of knowledge workers available out there: ITtoolbox. Over time I have been able to grow over there a healthy social network of webloggers and contributors to the overall community who we have shared the same passion all along for Knowledge Management. In short, an incredible experience overall!

So imagine the shock I went through when in the last few days I have found out how elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog has now been nominated by the ITtoolbox folks as one of the candidates for the Best New Blog for 2006 award as part of the overall ITtoolbox’s IT Community Choice Awards! W00t, indeed ! There are four other candidates, whose weblogs are providing some incredibly good quality to the overall network of professionals and right from the start I know it is going to be a very tough call. It is not going to be easy, but that is actually something that I am feeling quite comfortable with.

I know that I may not win the award, the quality is just outstanding, for sure, but I think that, to me, the real price is actually in the nomination itself. Why? Well, more than anything else because when I first created the weblog over at ITtoolbox I had the sole intention of sharing my knowledge and experiences about Knowledge Management with the intention of showing people how KM is a whole lot more than just tools and processes. Yes, indeed, you know where I am going. I have been incredibly excited all along during the course of the last few days because that weblog has been given some recognition with that nomination for the award showing how KM is all about the people. Yes, once again, the people.

During all this time I have been trying to share some further insights to help demonstrate how KM is a whole lot more complex than just focusing on tools, processes, explicit knowledge, etc. etc. It is actually a combination of everything, i.e. get the best of tacit and explicit knowledge and put it all down to the service of the ones who know how to manage it: i.e. the people!

And that is exactly what I have been trying to show all along. So you can imagine what my shock has been when I found out about the nomination. WOW! More than anything else it is certainly an incredible boost for my motivation to keep things going and share with everyone what my own thoughts on KM are all about. And along the process have some incredibly refreshing and helpful conversations that would help enrich most of the already existing discussions.

So, in my case, the best thing of last year’s awards is actually not winning the Best New Blog for 2006, since I know that is going to be tough, but to actually encourage you all to take a couple of minutes and cast your votes. Let the best one win! There are some other nomination categories with an impressive line up of ITtoolbox webloggers as well who are worth while subscribing to. So you may want to have a look into those as well. And from here I just wanted to thank every single one of you who have been participating and engaging in the different weblog entries that I have shared all along over there and for sticking out with me through thick and thin throughout all this time. It is greatly appreciated and really means a lot to me. It tells me that there folks out there who enjoy what I publish and I guess it cannot get better than that, right?

Here is to another year of successful and engaging weblogging! And all of that, thanks to you! So thanks for that!

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  1. Hi Jon ! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the kind comments. I appreciate your warm wishes, specially when you have been one of the folks as well who have inspired some of the different weblog entries that I have created both over here and in my other Internet weblog. Yes, they say that weblogging is about having conversations and everything, and I am surely glad we have connected several times because as a result of that both of my Internet weblogs are much richer and entertaining. So thanks for that and for the feedback ! Appreciated

  2. Hi Sawada-san! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the kind comments, once again! Appreciated the voting and note as well that in part that particular nomination is also due to some of the work you have been doing as well, commenting and sending along some very interesting articles related to KM that although I may not have been able to reply as further commentary (That will come, not to worry!) they have certainly served me as inspiration for other follow up weblog entries that I have been creating, so for that and for so much more, *thanks much!* for your commitment to share some more KM related stuff. It is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks again for the vote and here is to another year of successful weblogging!

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