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Teasing the Audience – IBM Lotus Connections and IBM Lotus Sametime Videos Now on YouTube

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One of the key challenges ahead for any particular social computing offering out there trying to enter the realm of the enterprise is actually going to be how they will be showing, and demonstrating successfully, the actual business value not only to knowledge workers but to the corporation(s) as well. We all know it is not going to be easy, specially in an environment where most enterprises are already making use of an extensive set of knowledge sharing and collaboration tools for their BAU activities.

Thus with that particular business environment in place, here we go with IBM, now trying to change that and bringing in forward a new set of social software tools that would, hopefully, at least, get some discussions going as to where they can prove their own business value to knowledge workers or not. And to give you a couple of teasers it looks like the marketing folks at IBM have been busy already putting together a couple of interesting videos that will try to help you get a glimpse of what lies ahead, if not already.

Both video clips have been shared, of course, in YouTube and you would be able to find them over here and here. At the same time, you may have noticed how Ed Brill, Adam Gartenberg, Jerry Glover and Ted Stanton have already been commenting on it.

The first video is just that, a tease. A short video clip that tries to summarise some of the business value of IBM Lotus Connections, the upcoming social computing offering from IBM for the enterprise. Yes, I know, it doesn’t provide much more information on how it will work or what it will do (I will be sharing some of that myself as time goes go by. Not to worry), but, at least, it is a good initial try to show what lies ahead around the world of social computing for the enterprise. Here you have got the embedded video link from YouTube:

The second video clip has been out there already for some time, but since I keep getting asked about it, I thought I would go ahead and add it over here as well. It is actually a video that features some of the business benefits of using Instant Messaging (i.e. in this case IBM’s Lotus Sametime) within the enterprise. You may be wondering what is so special about just another Instant Messaging tool, right? Well, over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you some stuff that actually makes Lotus Sametime special and very close to other social computing offerings, except that this one, this time around is coming from the real-time space. Thus stay tuned for some more to come.

For the time being, here you have got the second teaser video clip so that you can get an idea of where IBM is heading in the space of social computing / social networking for real-time interactions:

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