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The IBM Lotus Quickr Blogs – Getting Ready to Become Part of the Conversation

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Some time ago I mentioned over here how over the course of the next few weeks / months I was actually going to be sharing my two cents worth of comments on some of the stuff that is going on around IBM and its push for social computing within the enterprise with the recent announcements over at Lotusphere 2007 from IBM Lotus Connections and IBM Lotus Quickr. Lots of really good and interesting stuff in there, I am sure, for folks who would want to check out how such a large corporation as IBM is actually bringing all of these social software tools into the workplace.

So you can expect that as time goes by I will actually be sharing some further insights on some of the stuff I have been exposed to, both internally (Since I have been using most of those components for years, specially for IBM Lotus Connections) and externally. However, and in order to help provide a much better overview of where things are heading, I am also going to recommend in this particular entry a couple of weblogs that have just got things going recently and which will be dealing with everything there is to know about one of the main offerings announced at Lotusphere 2007: Lotus Quickr.

Yes, indeed, check out The Quickr Blog by Stuart McIntyre and Satwik Seshasai’s Blog On Lotus Quickr. They have just started sharing content about IBM Lotus Quickr and it would be interesting to follow them up as more and more details start to emerge on how this particular offering would work for businesses and how different knowledge workers can benefit the most from it all.

To get things going, check out the PDF file that Satwik already shared over at that weblog where you would be able to see some of the key features that IBM Lotus Quickr will be putting together, including a number of different screen shots of what it looks like. Over there you would be able to see as well how one of the key most powerful features that it will offer is the integration capabilities with other services. Services that most knowledge workers are already familiar with: Microsoft Office and IBM Productivity Editors (Which I will talk about at a later time, perhaps), Lotus Notes, Windows Explorer / My Documents and IBM Lotus Sametime.

Thus somehow it looks like IBM Lotus Quickr is going to help shake the ground as to what knowledge sharing and collaboration within teams and communities have been so far and how they could potentially change, for the better. And somehow I feel that The Quickr Blog and Satwik Seshasai’s Blog On Lotus Quickr are actually going to help out quite a bit in providing that really helpful set of insights on how IBM Lotus Quickr will move forward, so I guess that if you haven’t subscribed to those weblogs just yet, I would strongly suggest you do, if you want to keep ahead of what is happening out there in this particular space.

The conversations have already started and as time goes by I will continue to share some more stuff around this very same subject and, of course, IBM Lotus Connections, but for now go ahead and check out those other weblogs and find out what other people are thinking about such IBM social computing offering. It is bound to get more and more interesting. No doubt! And I will be sharing some further thoughts on it as time goes by. Thus stay tuned !

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