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Blogroll Finally Updated! – You Are What You Read

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If you remember, a couple of days ago, I created a weblog post where I was actually indicating some of the different issues I was having while updating the blogroll from this particular weblog. I probably should have created that weblog post some time ago, because, right after I created it, Miguel Guhlin was kind enough to provide me with plenty of different tips I could try out in order to fix it by creating a post directly in his weblog: Blogroll Management.

So after trying out a couple of things and different tools I have finally decided to go for the approach of making use of Bloglines in order to import all of the different links as part of my blogroll. Originally, I had about 700 Web feeds to work on, but from there onwards I have actually performed a bit of housekeeping for the blogroll and added those that I feel would be the most representative ones. 448 in total.

I still have got the other 250 which are basically aggregators, tools related blogs, etc. etc. Yes, that is right. All this means that I am not going to make use of Bloglines to manage my feeds. I am still quite satisfied with Omea Pro and will continue to make use of it for some time more. However, if you would still want to check out the feeds I regularly read on a daily basis you can find my Bloglines account over here. Or just simply read through the blogroll appearing now in the left column of the blog template.

I must say that I didn’t think that it would be just that easy to import the blogroll from Bloglines, but since they say that "you are what you read" I guess it made sense that in the end I would be sharing mine with you all so you would be able to see where I am coming from and what I read nowadays. More than anything else because, as you would be able to see, there are a number of different categories I have put together that will help me set up the direction I will be taking with elsua for what is left of 2007.

That is why you would notice how I would be talking not only about Knowledge Management and Learning, like I have been doing all along thus far, but also topics that deal with Social Computing: Metablogging, Social Media, Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0. At the same time, I have shared as well some of the different weblogs I am following up from the Spanish blogosphere, along with some other Technical Blogs.

And, finally, you will notice as well how I have been including a number of the different weblogs that I keep following on a regular basis from some of my IBM colleagues or from other folks who talk on a regular basis about IBM related topics, specially around the world of KM and social computing.

Thus there you go. After a long wait, my blogroll is now up and running and will be updated on a regular basis as we go along. I think that it is now time for me to go, have a good rest and get over that nasty stomach bug that has nearly knocked me down over the last day or so. But more on that later. Time to recover now…

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