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IBM Lotusphere 2007 – IT Revolves around YOU

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I am excited, folks. I am really excited ! I have been looking forward to the last couple of days big big time! Over the last few days I have been reading a whole bunch of different weblog posts, news items, reviews, etc. etc., you name it, on what is probably well known as IBM‘s event of the events year after year. Yes, I am, indeed, talking about IBM’s Lotusphere. I am sure that by now you have probably heard all about it, but, just in case, IBM’s Lotusphere 2007 is way under way with some really exciting piece of news that I am hoping to be able to share with you as we move along. I am still catching up with the huge amount of information that is being put together for the event and that is starting to come out of it. Mind-blowing!

Yes, that is right, if there would be a couple of words that could describe what Lotusphere 2007 has been thus far I guess I could just sum it all up with these two: Social Computing at its best. That is right, if there is any strong message coming out from the current event taking place in Orlando till the 25th of January is that social computing is making its way into the enterprise. And big time! Yes, the so-called Enterprise 2.0 made real. Very real!

I wish I would be able to share some further insights on a number of the different discussions and conversations taking place covering some of the major announcements. Lots of really exciting news touching base on quite a lot of the topics that I have been touching base with over here in this particular weblog. So what I have decided to do, and while you would have to bear with me on this, is that first I am actually digesting dozens and dozens of different news items and weblog posts on how people feel about what they have seen already, specially with some of the major announcements regarding some social software tools that IBM will be making available this year, like Lotus Connections, Lotus Notes 8, Lotus Quickr and Lotus Sametime 7.5.1.

Then, after that, I will actually start sharing my two cents on what I feel are the most relevant resources from the event itself and which could match very well the topics I have been discussing over here all along. So that you get a bit more information than just what has been said thus far. And, most importantly, to keep the conversations going on such insightful set of topics.

I am consciously not including any links at the moment in this particular weblog entry other than the main homepage to Lotusphere 2007 and the Technorati tag Lotusphere2007 so that I can keep things organised a bit as I get to weblog on stuff that I have found really useful and interesting for the main topics discussed over here in this particular weblog. Thus from now on you would be hearing from me quite a bit on this particular event as there are tons of really inspiring stuff that would help spread social computing and social computing within the enterprise and, much more importantly, help out Knowledge Management and Collaboration come back with a big splash! Thus stay tuned for more weblog posts to come…

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